Video Game Cultural Differences: Asian vs. Western

Tonight I was researching video game stocks – again. In the last couple weeks, the Chinese stock markets have gone through the roof due to a new trading link between Hong Kong and “mainland” China, prompting millions of Chinese to open new accounts to buy into this super-fabulous opportunity.

(You can too with the FXI ETF.)

The largest game-related company in China (and one of the largest companies in the world) is Tencent. I like the name Tencent. It sounds humble, like the name of a peasant Kung Fu hero, or maybe even the hero’s loyal canine companion.

Anyway, I was watching a video of Tencent’s CEO and Chairman, “Pony” Ma, and he was talking about how efforts to take Chinese games to other cultures had proved very difficult, and many had failed.

So, Tencent decided to try investing in foreign companies, leading to the purchase of Riot Games, which created League of Legends. LoL is completely dominating Twitch tonight in first place with 60 thousand viewers. Hearthstone is in second place with 30 thousand, and Blizzard has four games in the top 12.

Tencent holds an investment stake in Activision, and recently worked with Activision to release CoD Online in China. I decided that I’d rather not invest in a country with such horrible ethics, even if China’s future is very bright.

I’ve been outraged by China since I first learned in college of the Tibetan takeover and culture-cide that China had inflicted on those poor people, who never learned Kung Fu much less tank artillery, because their religion is peacefulness and equanimity. Maybe that was a mistake.

Is it really necessary for China to persecute the Dalai Lama and formally protest any recognition of the Dalai Lama by Obama or the U.S. government? He’s a peaceful, wise, kind religious leader, except wait, China says he’s a terrorist.

It’s no wonder those Tibetan monks are setting themselves on fire. Can you imagine persecuted, oppressed people committing suicide with fire in this day and age in the United States? Or at least, people who aren’t foreign terrorists trying to kill marathon runners?

“Pony” Ma probably has the right idea leaving the game development to U.S. companies. I don’t see any eye-poking underboobs in the official Riven page at the League of Legends NA site.


Fan art by Kair, courtesy of Art of CG Girls, fair use.


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