Weekly Wyrm: The Frisky Witcher

Sex in video games right now feels like the 1980s movie industry. Porn (in games in the United States) is under the radar of the polite public, mostly foreign sleazy stuff that no one really talks about.

When a rare game with sex hits the screen, like Witcher 3, it provokes a lot of discussion, interest, juvenile jokes, and late night comedy. Still, it’s the exception.

Thirty years after the 1980s, sex and nudity in movies has become commonplace. No one bats an eyelash unless the line between artsy-sex and porn becomes even more blurred. Clearly it won’t take another 30 years for sex in video games to reach the same levels of devil-spawned sinfulness.

Angry Joe reviewed Witcher 3 this week with an impressive 10/10. I don’t play male protagonists. I’m waiting for “Witch 3”. Maybe someday, maybe never.

witcher unicorn sex
source – Dearly Admired Moon

Hearthstone Tournament And Reynad

I’m still playing the world stock markets instead of video games, although I watched a lot of the Hearthstone tournament last weekend. Reynad lost in the final, but he deserved to win.

Phonetap was a crowd favorite, but he sort of got lucky. The final should have been longer than 5 games, just like the 7-game series in basketball finals.

Reynad seemed stressed in the final. He was also on-tilt cocky, stressed, and pressured on his stream tonight. He’s awesome when he’s just relaxed and being himself.

I hope Reynad doesn’t go all Kurt Cobain on the community. I’ve noticed he keeps sniffing and wiggling his nose. And his mom’s basement looks a million dollars nicer than Kripp’s mom’s basement. I don’t really know.

Gaming Stocks

In stocks, I’m out of Akamai and Equinix now based on the charts and Apple’s announcement that they are building their own network, which is now the trend. This threatens to leave independent cloud-specialized providers very pressured.

Akamai broke down yesterday after a downgrade and the Apple news, since Apple is a big source of their revenue. The stock rebounded strongly today, however, I assume with rumors they might do a deal with Netflix, or something, and big pent-up demand for investors wanting this stock.

I’m also out of Blizzard. I’m holding AT&T, Valero, Gilead, Biogen, and Silver metal (Silver – that’s me – get it?) Never trade stocks on emotional sentiment or something as trivial as the stock being your online handle. Kitty covers ears.

If I own another gaming stock soon, it might be Sony through the EWJ (Japan) ETF. Blizzard had its run, and Electronic Arts is just no. It’s funny and curious that EA has these big sports franchises, but their product is literally killing sports and fattening asses. They might as well be selling cigarettes.


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