Kitty In Real Life: Lust And Corruption

This is not an angelic post, so if you’re an angel, go away. This post contains topics for succubi and mischievous kitties only, i.e. 18 or older.

Syncaine is recruiting again for his(??) CoC clan. I don’t know Syncaine’s gender.

I’m using the male pronoun as a default and not from an assumption that anyone passionate, aggressive, and foul-mouthed about games, and who labels a game as an “abortion”, simply must be male.

My second most hated nemesis in Rift PvP is confirmed female. She created a macro for her interrupt skill that adds a trollish taunt. She spams it. A lot. So I turned her into a shambler in the auction hall.

Ha. That will teach her not to interrupt Leonore’s death spells.

So any time Syncaine mentions CoC and his “Supreme Cream!” clan, I instantly think of the classic ribald, juice-oozing, erotica RPG Corruption of Champions, and not Clash of Clans.

Corruption of Champions was in my brain first, indelibly. That’s how corruption works. And whenever a game enters “Closed Beta Testing”, I always think of “Cook and Ball Torture”. Male devs apparently like CBT, and so does some random freak in Chicago who I chatted with twenty years ago.

Since I’m a corrupted kitty on every day except Sunday, I was flirting with taking my game project in an erotic direction. This would be almost as counterproductive to life success as spending thirty years playing video games, and I’m sure I’d regret it.

I don’t regret writing erotica for cash, but I’m running out of time.

I noticed someone is getting paid $3200/month to make a low-budget erotic game via Patreon. The $4000/month stretch goal: they work full time. So $3200/month is just a part time job at this point. The artwork on display looks nice enough, but “Uncensored image for $10+ patreons“?

Seriously? I smell bait and exploitation. I can’t decide if this project is dripping with cheese, or if I’m just jealous.

Maybe I need some elf relaxation hypnosis. There is a hypnotist who has made game-enhancing hypnosis files. He’s made one where you really feel some effects when you get hit in a shooter, when you die in a game, and one that makes you be a submissive, humble support role when you play LoL, and also rewards you with pleasure for being such a good boy or girl.

Vive’s files can also make you into a much better kitty too… or a dog… or a pig… but these hypnosis files are no joke. They are for responsible adults only, and can screw up your life. Vive’s evil wizard efforts are also supported via Patreon.

And I think that’s all the kitty had to say. Time to stretch, take a nap, and maybe watch Hafu play Hearthstone on Twitch.


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