Hearthstone Team League Championships: Day One

The Hearthstone Team League Championships are this weekend in the final event before Blizzcon. Today’s matches were done before a lot of people even got off work, but they are re-broadcasting this evening on Twitch. The next round of matches resumes this morning (Saturday 12th) at 10 am Pacific time and will run through the weekend.

Strangely, the event seems to be taking place at a player’s (Amaz’s) house. It’s an impressive house, but it’s still a strange venue with dogs barking outside and people cheering from downstairs.

At its peak, the Twitch stream today had over 100k viewers to take over the top spot in popularity, and many of those viewers stuck around to watch a fun post-game HS Jeopardy/Trivia match between the announcers.

I thought Lifecoach (or Kolento) was the most dominant player on the first day, burning his rope with almost every turn to consider the math and combinations. Unfortunately his team Nihilum succumbed by only one point to Trump’s Value Town team.

Value Town also includes Dog, who played well and is held in high regard by some Twitter-goers, and Kibler.

I’m mostly a Priest player, so I was interested to watch Kibler’s Priest deck do well, including a game-winning play with Confessor Paletress. As Kripp commentated, however, he could have done just as well with Ysera.

Someone painted wonderful custom character portraits for the competitors (see image). Blizzard knows characters win, and the personalities of the streaming stars are an important part of Hearthstone’s success.

hearthstone lifecoach and dog tournament images


This week, after a year and half of playing off and on, I finally opened my first pack with a legendary card. I disenchanted it and cobbled together enough dust to craft a Doctor Boom.

For several months I’ve been turned off to Hearthstone because it’s just not fun to lose, or win, by the drop of an overwhelming card. After finally getting one of those cards, I realize it isn’t personal. I just want to try to rank up (for the first time, really) to get the new gold card rewards.

This weekend I plan to get back into Pillars of Eternity a little bit. I’m also working on the character panel design and code for rolling up a character for my game project, but that’s boring.

Gender-swapping game satire posted tonight on VG247 is much more fun. What happens when you switch a male model into a sexist female scene? Good times, and TGIF.


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