Weekly Wyrm: Hey Kids – Buy This Shiny Pixel Rocket Bike

champions online

This week video game stocks continue to be very strong. As Blizzard broke out again, I put one foot back in again, hopefully this time for good. There is also a growing awareness on Wall Street of eSports and the dollars involved.

Meanwhile, Sony put out a statement this week that their launch of PS4 into China wasn’t going so well due to censorship.

China’s head of the Ministry of Culture, Cai Wu, compared Grand Theft Auto and similar games to “flies and mosquitoes”, not in conformity to the government’s vision for culture:

“Things that are hostile to China, or not in conformity with the outlook of China’s government, won’t be allowed. We want to open the window a crack to get some fresh air, but we still need a screen to block the flies and mosquitoes.”

Today I got an advertisement in my email for a new feature in Champions Online (developed by Cryptic, owned by the Chinese company Perfect World).

Apparently we are finished transitioning to a games-as-shopping-malls model, and now it’s time to transition game advertising to a full-on Wednesday flier.

This kitty now understands that she can use tokens to get more special gear, and NEW lockboxes, and more items in the store – oh wait, there are TWO stores now! One store is not enough!

Thankfully, Massively clarifies today that I can earn tokens to participate in this new activity in the first place. So much clearer, and just what I always wanted. To earn tokens to play to earn different tokens to spend in two different stores.

I think I’ll just stick with Hearthstone and Pillars of Eternity this week. This kitty understands gold and copper pieces. Everything else is just head-hurting, and Cryptic’s Neverwinter is probably worse, which is why I’ll never play Neverwinter.

Europeans make fun of the U.S. for bathing in the blood of violence, but being prudish about sex. In what sort of world do the Chinese people live where both sex and violence are bad in games, but gambling mechanics, advertising, and psychological buying coercion in games is somehow considered benign for children?

So I live in this supposedly super-violent and capitalistic American culture that needs to be censored, yet I’m disgusted and repelled at the manipulation and greed pushed in particular by Chinese F2P MMOs. These games bombard kids with all sorts of tactics to shake them for their lunch money.


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