Weekly Wyrm ~ Virtual Reality And A New eSports League

video game art
This week NVidia caught a big bid on Wall Street, with buzz and upgraded outlooks for Virtual Reality plus new products, on top of a VR demonstration at EGX in Europe.

Netflix showed off a new app letting you watch movies in a virtual living room. I’m skeptical. You’re still wearing a heavy thing on your head. You can’t move your head without the room and screen jiggling. You can’t sip your wine without knocking it over or dribbling it down your chin.

VR-enabled PCs are expected from both NVidia and AMD. Some new benchmarks came out comparing NVidia and AMD cards this week, and they are running equal.

While the Wall Street boys have tent poles for VR possibilities, Turner Broadcasting has a new tent pole for eSports, announcing this week a new industry leading league featuring Counter-Strike.

“We are proud to establish a leadership position in this rapidly growing arena, which I see as a tent pole for the next chapter of TBS,” said Kevin Reilly, president of TBS and TNT, chief creative officer for Turner.

We’ll see if a cable network can actually establish a “leadership position” in the industry. This kitty is skeptical. Who has cable anymore? Who watches TBS? I’m a PC mole, so I barely relate to TV watching anymore, much less in a living room.

TBS is a traditional broadcaster of basketball. eSports going prime time is worth notice, but I watch eSports every night primetime already on Twitch. So. I don’t need TBS, and that’s the challenge PCWorld points out.


This week I battled to rank 15 in Hearthstone for the rare golden card reward, plus golden common. I’m not super motivated at the moment to try for rank 10, earning a second golden common.

I’ve improved my game by playing more, but I can hardly put together any real decks since I don’t have the cards, even after playing for a year and a half. I made a list of all the cards I would like, or need, and it’s really long. I almost want to play WoW again because of Hearthstone.

Otherwise, I was doing art this week for my game project, shown in the image. This image shows the Greeting/Gift House in the Acacia Courtyard. You can talk with the trees.

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4 responses to “Weekly Wyrm ~ Virtual Reality And A New eSports League

  • Nimuera

    When will your game be finished and released? 🙂

  • Silverangel

    Heeheehaaaaaaaaaaa. Will have to get back to you on that lol. I’m sure I’ll post more images and mini-progress updates. Thanks for the comment and support. 🙂

  • wumpus

    TV? It allows you to watch non-esports for hundreds of dollars per month, without the health effects of running up such a tab at the local bar. Also good for old folks who absolutely need to have their news read to them (and presumably have drugs pushed on them all the time).*

    esports going primetime [oooh, at least oldschool TV expressions will remain]? Looks like it:
    If I disappear online, its probably because I installed MAME and am hiding from what gaming has become.

    * My parents are in this boat. In the unlikely event they could get all the golf TV mom needs, I still don’t think I could pry them away from even local TV news.

    • Silverangel

      Hearing news being read is a good point in terms of multi-tasking value. I do have the TV over-the-air news on while I’m still at work, since my eyes are occupied at that point. Didn’t know DraftKings was doing eSports – that’s really interesting. Thanks, wumpus. Used to have MAME installed too. Are you looking at Sword Coast Legends? Have you played it yet? I want to, but it’s such a time commitment. 🙂

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