Weekly Wyrm ~ Oct. 17th, 2015

HBO Now review

HBONow and Amazon Prime

This is a long, boring post. We’re waiting for Blizzcon. I have one eye on going back to SWTOR. In August, I signed up for HBONow for a solid alternative to Netflix. I’m canceling.

The HBO Now tablet experience is smooth, but the navigation is bad. On a PC, it isn’t much better, and the blurb beside the player window tells you everything that’s going to happen in the episode. HBO Latino is very short on content. There are no Spanish episodes of Game of Thrones, which is disappointing.

So I signed up for Amazon Prime. Its interface is a little better maybe, but compared to Netflix it’s also inferior. It doesn’t have episode or language selection dropdowns on the player like Netflix. It has the first season of True Blood – but only the first season. HBO Now has all seasons, but only in English. I’ve seen them.

Amazon also demands a yearly subscription. I use Amazon, but I don’t really like Amazon for various reasons. So I’m canceling both of those. The act of watching a show just seems boring compared to actually being the hero.

This month I’m working on getting my completed novels on Amazon (first). I’ve spent almost all of my free time in the last two weeks developing my website for both the novels and game project.


I’m still playing Hearthstone every other day. I disenchanted my Paladin and Shaman cards, so I almost have enough dust for another legendary. I’m not sure what card I want. Ragnaros? Confessor Paletress?

Deathwing is a fun one. Or should I go epic with Piloted Sky Golem and Lightbomb? I also want a Recombobulator!

I wish Blizzard would release a female priest hero. Some rumors say a new Hearthstone adventure pack will be announced at Blizzcon. More players seem to want new heroes than a new adventure, if the general forums are any indication.

Gaming Stocks

On Thursday, Mattel (the toy maker) announced mixed results, but analysts made some bullish comments going into the holiday season. Mattel noted a further > 10% decline of Barbie brand sales in the quarter, citing increased use of tablets and video games by young girls as entertainment instead of dolls.

CNBC analyst Brian Kelly notes the increased use of video games (among younger kids) has been the trend for a while, so it’s no surprise. This is ironic, since Mattel tried to target this demographic in 2006-2007, but their kid-priced HyperScan system was considered one of the worst game systems ever.

Even with a dividend yield > 6% Mattel is probably still not worth looking at as long as they are on the sidelines in the real game, while Activision-Blizzard and NVidia continued to go parabolic, and Electronic Arts is catching a bid on positive analyst reports on the Star Wars Battlefront beta.

The analysts cited “record-breaking” interest in the Battlefront beta, but as any veteran gamer knows, this doesn’t mean that much. EA announced three more game modes last week, but supposedly there is no single-player story mode, which is real shame and will disappoint a lot of players.

A few weeks ago, I dropped AMD for NVidia, and it’s already the best performer in my gaming portfolio. I dropped AMD because the stock’s chart was reflecting rumors of a takeout by Microsoft, which didn’t happen. Instead, Microsoft announced further support for NVidia (in cloud imaging-related chips iirc).

When the reason you bought a stock is no longer true (chart putting in a bottom, but not on one-time news), it’s time to sell. AMD may still have a bottom though, buoyed along with bids on Intel and Micron, both reporting solid results this earning season.

The week before last was the online gaming scandal, with Nevada senator Harry Reid quoted as saying:

“-online gaming is a real scary thing and we’d better look at all of it.”

Draft Kings announced last month they are taking fantasy sports to eSports, starting with League of Legends. Of course, we all know about gambling and lottery mechanics in all of our favorite F2P games, so this is something to watch. As a Nevada senator, Reid is defending the established Nevada gaming industry, of course.


We already covered this. I’ll be publishing my novels in the next few weeks. I spent the last year final-polishing the final drafts. My support site is up, such as it is, and I’m polishing the book covers and writing blurbs under the name Jacquotte Fox Kline.

I’ll finally have 15 years of work over, except for the fifth and final obligatory apocalyptic vampire novel. I still need to finish with the vampires, and then I can get on with being a tired old elf wannabe with my books finished, like Bilbo.


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