Hearthstone: The League Of Explorers Adventure Revealed

Elise Starseeker

A new Hearthstone adventure was revealed at Blizzcon today, to be released this coming Thursday. See the trailer here.

The adventure promises “surprises” and speaks to the heart of going on an adventure. The adventure will feature exploration, danger, solo missions, ruined temples, and of course new cards.

Players will travel across Azeroth with the League of Explorers in search for the “Staff of Origination”. The three parts of the staff are located in Uldaman, Temple of Orsis, and Stranglethorn Jungle.

As an example mission, at Blizzcon you can help Reno Jackson escape from a ruined temple. Each league member will be a part of the story and also a legendary card:

  • Brann Bronzebeard. League founder.
  • Elise Starseeker. Her card that shuffles a “map to the golden monkey” into your deck. The golden monkey replaces your entire hand and deck with legendary cards.
  • Reno Jackson. Fortune hunter of questionable ethics.
  • Sir Finley Murgleton. Gentleman murloc.

A new mechanic in the adventure is the “discover” mechanic. When you play a card with discover, it will present you with three random (but not entirely random depending on your deck?) cards, and you can pick the best card that fits your current situation.

I really like the new Hunter card, the “Exporer’s Hat”, which gives a minion +1/+1 and a deathrattle to return another hat to your hand. I play a mid-range hunter though, and this seems to push hunters further into lower-curve favoritism.

All cards on Facebook.

In a strong vote of confidence, Life Is Strange won the poll for the game I’ll play this weekend! (I’ll probably play all three, honestly. I’m feeling ambitious.)

Activision Blizzard Studios Announced

Blizzard also announced the creation of a movie and TV studio dedicated to developing their intellectual properties in different formats.

Their first production will be a TV series called “Skylanders Academy”. They also envision Call of Duty films.

Wall Street seems to dislike this idea of entering a very crowded space, sending the stock down 6% today. This kitty would have expected a pop on Blizzcon.

On the face of it, the idea seems crazy, but Blizzard is crazy like a fox. They understand and implement the power of characters better than anyone else.

Still, it seems to make more sense to see how Warcraft the movie fares when it’s released in June of 2016, and then build a movie studio.

I have to wonder if the huge entertainment industry movement towards streaming decreases the entry costs to such an effort, and of course Blizzard intends to reap benefits from cross promotion.


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