Kitty Goes Shopping: Black Friday

The kitty is going out of town for the holiday, but first I did some quick game shopping.  Bree at Massively posted a wonderful list of MMO deals.

Last night I bought the League of Explorers for Hearthstone, and this morning I added Warlords of Draenor for $12.50.

Now I have to decide what character to boost to 90: Priest, Death Knight, or just go with my 85 Druid, skipping Pandaria with her. Massively reported on new bear skins/models for Druid in the coming Legion expansion. Gnome hunters are also coming.

After playing F2P or B2P cash-shop games for the last two years, it seems so weird for developers to just give players things as part of the total default package. It’s like a breath of fresh air in a polluted world, like OOOH – I remember that.

So I’ve spent $133 on Blizzard games this year, and I’ve gotten back around $600 because Blizzard’s stock almost doubled in the same time period. So thanks, Blizzard.

Devilian now has a release date of Dec. 10!

I don’t know how far I’ll get into Devilian, but it’s a nice popcorn game with a unique flavor, sense of humor, good music, and good grouping and social tools.  I hope the launch goes smoothly.

They are working on improving the race/gender lock problem.  I imagine this issue will cost the developers more lost revenue by far than any other shortcoming.

blizzard purchases


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