Devilian: Placing Flowers On The Grave

Sunday night I hit level 50 in Devilian, and it seemed like a good place to quit. I really enjoyed this game. Whenever it was dull, new surprises, game modes, or pretty landscapes kept the interest level going.

The many dungeons were fun and well-tuned.

I chalked up Leonore on my Hall of Fame (characters) page. I went back to Hearthstone last night, still with a return to WoW on my mind. The action RPG genre isn’t a world I want to live in.

Hearthstone has a simpler, gentler enjoyment. There are no Brazilians calling me a stupid whore. There are no evil clown guild masters telling me to either get on Discord, or I’m kicked.

Devilian swept me into a beautiful dark world, and just as quickly to the cliff of looking down my elf nose at the human-kind, and just wanting to leave it all behind.

I’m sure Devilian’s social schemes work better in Asia.

So I don’t have too much to say, but I wanted to write a post-mortem. Syp also wrote a progress report today. I tried to friend Syp in-game (I think, unless someone took his name), but I couldn’t because the chat box drop-down bugged out.

The dropdown disappeared every time I tried to scroll down and click to add friend. The bugs really weren’t a killer. Everything is good and recommendable for what it is.

Like Syp, I really liked the floppy-ear pet that picks up loot for you. I could see myself wanting to pay for that service full time.

The most memorable bug was when I left the game running on the start screen for three or four hours, and the devil-girl’s breasts started heaving at some point with machine-like 10 x speed.

This was the nature of most bugs I saw – they only occurred after hours of playing.

I wish Trion the best of luck with success and profitability on Devilian. I’ve noticed a significant uptick of Rift guide traffic since Devilian launched, maybe showing that Trion’s ecosystem (Glyph) is also working well for them.


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