Olivia Munn Does Psylocke, PureFunds Does A Video Game ETF

I’ve been a fan of Olivia Munn since Attack Of The Show on the G4 channel years ago, so I’m thrilled to see her playing as an anti-heroine in X-Men Apocalypse, scheduled to release in theaters on May 27th.

X-Men is the only superhero series I really watch. It’s no coincidence that X-Men (despite the manly title) has the best portrayal of women heroes.

I’m not a Jennifer Lawrence fan, but she molds well to Mystique. Sophie Turner seems strange as Jean Grey/Phoenix. Where is the fierce independence? The fire? I guess she is supposed to change, but Famke Janssen is a forbidding follow.

I really hope Olivia Munn somehow steals the show. She’s headlining on Stephen Colbert this Thursday night.

GAMR: A New Gaming ETF

The kitty asked, and now it’s a reality. I’ve been watching closely to see if the U.S. stock market rally dies in a fire, or manages to break out of the confining downtrend line like China, which loosened margin restrictions last week, as if actively wanting to encourage another bubble.

Another mini-investment point is approaching, either way it goes.

The PureFunds Video Game Tech ETF has a ticker symbol of GAMR. The GAMR ETF gives you investment exposure to companies like Square-Enix, NCSoft, Konami, and Glu Mobile, as well as the usual suspects.

The ETF is doing very well so far, but the daily trading volume is tiny. The expense ratio is also enormous, but that somewhat goes hand in hand with international exposure. I’m not sure how to approach this.

I noticed the ETF incorporates Microsoft and NVidia in only token amounts, which seems like a bad idea. Does anyone have solid knowledge of new, low-volume ETFs? I’ve researched this before, but struggled to understand the implications.

The PureFunds HACK ETF (Cybersecurity) seems to have a solid following and volume now, more than when it started. Will the video game ETF build up the same way? Is it a good idea to get in early? This kitty just isn’t sure, but I’m here to report the news, so there you go.

Happy Easter, and happy joystick-fiddling. I’m currently a level 44 Miqo’te Summoner in FFXIV. I reluctantly subscribed for one month past my free period. It’s more grinding than I really have time for.

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Olivia Munn explains why she loves Psylocke.


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