Tribute To Juma

Jaguar Juma

Juma The Jaguar

I’d planned to blog again after Brexit, but on Monday a jaguar was killed during an Olympics torch ceremony in Brazil. I happened to be in the library on Monday, doing jaguar drawings for my video game project.

So I will name the jaguar in my game “Juma”, in tribute to the deceased jaguar. (Shown above is the “contact sheet” for my party companion portraits.) My setting is the classic, mythical Underworld, so it works.

This is a super-bad magic for the Rio Olympics, by the way. There are already reports of athletes being assaulted and robbed, on top of the Zika virus and contaminated waterways in Rio. The jaguar is a sacred animal.

It could be noted that the Greeks invented the Olympics, but they also invented the concept of human hubris. I’m really feeling my inner elf lately, feeling sorry for animals, plants, and crushed bugs. I’m not even sure why.

Summer Steam Sale

Tomorrow (Jun 23) supposedly kicks off the Steam Summer sale, according to reports. I’ve really been wanting some vampire, and I’m thinking again of a return to Elder Scrolls solely to get that fix.

That’s a lousy reason to re-install Elder Scrolls Online, but I heard they are revamping the game so you can wander and play any quest at any level. This surely means vampire blood is relatively easy to achieve.

Otherwise, I still need to pick up Fallout 4 and Black Ops. I’m kind of “meh” about games these days because I feel like I’ve already played them. Franchises might need to consider more continuous, connected storylines to keep players engaged. Oh wait – just make an MMO.

I feel like I’ve been there and done that with Fallout. I saw a picture of a “rad storm” on Tumblr yesterday that reminded me of the ash storms in Morrowind though, which was nice.

Video Game Stock News

This week is Brexit. A vote by the Brits to leave the EU will be cataclysmic by all accounts. This could snowball into more countries wanting to leave. The British pound is predicted to collapse.

The U.S. market is stuck now in a trading range, and until it breaks big either way, there is no reason to do anything.

This morning I saw a good buy point on Valero (VLO) (pullback to support after a solid 5-day breakout, although not on great volume). Once again I was too lazy and unaggressive to pull the trigger. Brexit in the next two days is scary. Venezuela is rioting. North Korea is firing illegal missiles. #WTF

Earlier this week I entered a position in CTrip (CTRP), the Chinese internet travel corp. This was featured in Barrons last week, suggesting a big upside. The stock popped, dropped agressively on sell-the-news action (?), and it’s been up since, like a little lifeboat for my barebones portfolio.

I’m still watching Visa (V) confirm my decision to dump it immediately on the reversal. I am also looking at Dow (DOW) wanting to break out of a two-year range. When AT&T (T) broke out recently, it went to the moon.

DOW (3.5%) doesn’t have quite the dividend as T (4.7%), but it has almost half the P/E ratio. This is an extremely high-demand time for dividend stocks. This is due to low or no interest rates around the world right now, sending utilities and telecoms to record high P/E ratios. It’s crazy what’s happening, actually.

I like the DOW CEO, and DOW also stands to benefit long-term from permanent lower oil prices, since DOW is a big plastics producer. If DOW catches a bid from the dividend yield collectors and breaks out, I’m in. I have nothing in my portfolio except tech and game stocks.

The U.S. Fed met last week and held interest rates steady, with the implication that they are throwing in the towel, and rates are staying lower a lot longer. It will be interesting to see what happens after Brexit, although I’ve already seen news outlets finding new topics beyond Brexit that could also spell doom.

Stay tuned, and here’s to you, Juma. Life is too short.


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