Un’Goro Launch, Gaming Stock Update

elf waistcoat

Un’Goro XPack For Hearthstone

I haven’t posted in forever, so here goes.

Un’Goro launches for Hearthstone tomorrow. This xpack has (on average) the most powerful cards yet seen in Hearthstone. If you snooze, you’ll lose, and you’ll just keep losing. (It’s a trap.)

The good news is that if you’re a newer player, you can catch up faster because these cards are more powerful cards than 2016 cards, and the cards from 2015 are rotating out of Standard mode completely now.

I have almost 100 packs to open tomorrow morning, so that should be fun. Afterwards, I plan to take a break from the game and let everyone else figure out what decks I should be playing.

Hearthstone is an immature, somewhat toxic cross section of the human male species. The PvP aspect is also stressful and unhealthy. I want to work more on my personal project in the coming months.

I’ve been working on 2d art for 100 different character outfits: 50 female outfits and 50 male. I’m currently working on #43.

Right now I’m envisioning today’s male elves as lazy and pretentious, but very cool and kind hippies who wear waistcoats with folded, scented handkerchiefs (see above). This derives from fairy tales and books suggesting fey men wear antique waistcoats.

Women can wear pants, dresses, or whatever is sensible for the occasion, and I plan to give you a magical wardrobe that switches the gender of all of your clothes, if you would like to do so.

This is very time-consuming. After a month of doing only art, I want to get back to programming the features and gameplay. I’m honestly a little sick of make-believe. Those novels were a very, very long slog.


I finished the main story of update 20 (Black Gate) with my Warden. I need to find the new gold shinies and work on getting those for Mordor.

I’m dual-boxing a 105 Captain with my 105 Warden. They’re kind of a “power couple,” and the “final answer” for my LotRO play going forward.

Gaming Stocks In The News

Admittedly I haven’t been super news-focused until the past week or two.

NVidia took a 7% loss yesterday on an analyst downgrade. Another analyst said a lot of people switched over from NVidia (stock) to AMD. AMD was the 4th best performer of the first quarter 2017.

Another guy said he was selling all semiconductors. Another expert said semiconductors are overdue for carnage, far outperforming the S&P. So now, at the time of most pessimism, is not the time to sell. I’m still in NVidia at a 6% loss on a small 50% holding (i.e. trivial, no worry, I can double down at a lower point.)

A few weeks ago Tencent, the world’s largest gaming company and owner of League of Legends, announced a partnership with NVidia. Tencent Cloud will adopt NVIDIA® Tesla® GPU accelerators.

“Tencent Cloud GPU offerings with NVIDIA’s deep learning platform will help companies in China rapidly integrate AI capabilities into their products and services,” said Sam Xie, vice president of Tencent Cloud. “Our customers will gain greater computing flexibility and power, giving them a powerful competitive advantage.”

This is in the context of China very much wanting to create its own chip industry, so it’s possible they just plan to study and steal all of NVidia’s secrets.

Tencent also announced a 5% stake in Tesla, the company, among its other businesses. Maybe Tencent confused Elon Musk’s car/energy company with NVidia Tesla chips, or maybe the name “Tesla” means Fabulous Rich Rabbit in Chinese. I have no idea.

I do know that Chinese companies are trying to get their money out of China, and one way is to invest in companies in other countries. Honestly Xi Jinping impresses me. He seems to be a serious fighter of corruption in China, just the opposite of Trump.

He strongly discourages golf in China as a wasteful game for the rich and corrupt. He has shut down scores of golf courses, which have become a symbol of excessive wealth and corruption. This looks like Communism actually working, to me, and Trump vs. Xi Jinping is looking more like a catastrophe.

Last and least, Gamestop reported disappointing sales this week, and they are closing 150 or so stores. This is the same old story of digital downloads and streaming content taking over.

In related news, Trump is canceling consumer protections for Internet privacy. So while you’re streaming, the big cable companies are watching you, recording your activity, and are now selling your browsing history and personal information to any bidder. So good job, Trump. You’re a real winner.


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2 responses to “Un’Goro Launch, Gaming Stock Update

  • Isey

    I think they are changing things too fast with too many all-powerful cards. I stopped giving them money, but still play (just not as much). Frustrating when your deck with mostly up to date cards becomes 100% obsolete with the last expansion, and this one will probably do that again. They need to have balance on all cards so you can still win with an old deck, and not force people into meta-decks of 1-4 options of rock-paper-scissors. That is what it feels like, rightly or wrongly

    • Silverangel

      Agree completely. They are designing to make old decks obsolete, first with Standard mode, then with each expansion being more powerful, and now just outright getting rid of old powerful cards they don’t like, so they can introduce new cards that basically end up with the same effect.

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