LotRO Legendary Server, Update 23.2, Hearthstone, Gaming Stocks, Etc.

Lotro, Legendary, and Upcoming Patch 23.2

This week I hit level 50 with my High Elf Captain on the LotRO legendary server, Anor. My alt champion is level 37.

The population has significantly decreased on Anor, faster than I expected. A week ago the server was almost constantly full at 1400+ players. Tonight there are only 600 – 700 non-anonymous players online through the evening.

I ran Urugarth last night. It was a faceroll. I’d heard the stories of EZ-mode endgame, but the reality was more disappointing than I expected.

Aside from some special legendary server quests and portrait frames, it’s almost the same as a normal server at this point, except with a -40% XP penalty, and people who are generally more happy to be playing.

In reality, Moria releases in 3+ months, so there is not much point in grinding endgame anyway except for deeds.

Patch notes for Update 23.2 hit the forums yesterday.

The Burglar and Beorning are getting some changes, but nothing on the list makes me want to run and play either of those classes.

I would assume that the release of the new raid will pull a significant number of capped players on Anor and Ithil back to their home server to play the raid.

I don’t really see anything that will pull me back though. I’m in a much more active kin, even though the Alliance on Landroval is a very nice kin. I’m running group instances many nights. That isn’t happening on Landroval.


Hearthstone has some big competition hitting the stage, with a lot of Twitch streamers playing MtG:Arena and a bit of Artifact.

The bottom line is that Blizzard should be pushing out the best and biggest ex-pack, along with a patch loaded with new features. Instead, they are releasing a limping, under-hyped meh-fest.

The Gurubashi Arena is located in Stranglethorn Vale. Stranglethorn has soul. Booty Bay has soul. Troll religion and culture have soul. This battle team arena theme aimed at 12-year-olds is the opposite of that.

When I look at all of the released cards, there isn’t a single card in this ex-pack that I am excited about, or want to get, or want to craft.

It looks like they are releasing more bad legendaries than normal just to fill in their standard number of class legendaries.

The Waterboy and a few other neutral cards are cute. I will probably regret ignoring the ex-pack later, which tends to happen. Or maybe not. Maybe this time will be different.

Gaming Stocks

I pushed a medium size position into NVidia and Tencent on this recent second dip in the U.S. market. As of today, I am up about 9% in both stocks after about a week.

The P/E ratio on NVidia went really low, basically. This was due to a concerning earnings report.

It’s quite possible the market will go even lower in the coming months. Who knows. I am still happy with my large position in the SKYY ETF, and added a bit more on this dip.

Cloud-related companies have notably announced great earnings, including Saleforce, Cisco, VMWare, and Workday (which is up 13% today, for example.) Unlike in the chip industry, there is little sign of a slowdown in cloud.

I took profits in Visa on fear of credit risks, which might be idiotic, but whatever. I sold Microsoft also because I already have a lot of cloud exposure through the ETF, and I don’t want the risk of regulation of the big tech companies (or splits in my portfolio.)

Trump is meeting with President Xi of China tomorrow (Saturday, 12/1/2018). The outcome of that clusterfuck will determine the fate of the stock markets on Monday.

Buckle up.

Also new this week, apparently the FTC will be investigating video game lockboxes. Like most people, I’m a little ambivalent.

It would be nice if they did something though to make things better for consumers and reduce the gambling and arm-twisting aspect when it comes to kids.

Something to get games back to being games instead of addictive pixel shopping malls, where you pay money in one shopping mall (Steam, Blizz app) to get access to an amusement park that contains another shopping mall inside the park, which then unlocks access to half the rides that you didn’t get by paying for entry in the first place.


I spent a lot of time over the holiday looking at new gaming PCs. I’m really not playing a lot of games, but my old PC feels slow running off a standard HD for boot drive.

I really wish everything was running faster and freezing less, especially for Photoshop CS6 and Chrome browser. I typically have a silly number of apps open, so I’d really like 16 GB memory as well as a main SSD.

I definitely need a new PC for Cyberpunk 2077 next year. Otherwise, I’m ambivalent towards most of the new games being released. I’m not buying any game that aims to cut costs by eliminating a single-player storyline, leaving only repetitive progression/grind/leaderboard PvP entertainment.

Amazon had some amazing deals for Black Friday. Basically none of the pre-built machines are exactly what I want though, and the custom built configurators end up being a little too expensive.

A lot of the lower end PC’s have 3.2 GHz CPU’s. I know I want 3.6 GHz. I know I want better than a GTX 1060, but NVidia Turing chips don’t really seem necessary, on the high end.

Also, aren’t NVidia cards far too expensive? Will they come down in price? Shouldn’t the massive decline/bust in bitcoin and mining in recent months have caused a supply glut and pushed down prices? More competition from AMD?

I guess I just need to keep shopping.

As a final note, graphics on this site will break soon because I am discontinuing my hosting with GoDaddy. This is temporary, as in lasting months because I really don’t care that much. I will get hosting on a newer, better, easier-to-use cloud platform at some point, I hope.

I will also have a proper domain for my video game project. I am still working on the Connor romance. It might be my best-written story yet.

Happy holidays, and happy gaming with your new games!

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