Fungus Facts, Big Nasty Rats

Bracket Fungus Illustration

Personal Game Project: Elven Academy

In the last few weeks, I wrote a new book for the in-game library: Fungus Facts! I also re-branded the game to be named “Elven Academy.” I feel like this is a huge improvement, and a much more descriptive, albeit “meta” title for the game.

I also wrote a detailed blog post/essay (part one) on Diplomacy in video games. To sum up, I am adding six new Diplomacy skills to the game. This is very ambitious in terms of game writing, but I’m looking forward to going back and re-writing the existing modules.

Currently, Charm and Cunning are just out of control in terms of how much they are used. These two overused stats will become more like Light Side/Dark Side stats, as well as their contribution to spell power.


I got kicked out of my guild. Again.

That makes 5 times in LotRO? Those bastards! If I’m ever a guild leader, I won’t do that to lifers who have been in the guild for years. Am I going back though? I doubt it.

Still, was it necessary to boot me out of the Discord channel? So I can’t even see if anything is happening in the Alliance that might make me go back? Damn.

Warhammer: Vermintide 2

I bought this on a Steam sale some weeks ago. Playing it with family. It’s a slick, fun game. Even a great game. So much potential gone to waste in this game, presumably because we are in a profit-based video game world.

Make a barebones game with addictive qualities, intense action, and lots of random boxes to open.

(edit – Visually it’s not barebones. The level designs and landscapes are huge and luxurious, as if they were trying to win awards. Some places are maybe a little too big, because at times the city locations can feel lifeless.)

Various levels that tune up to being nearly impossible. Let dedicated players grind the same small amount of content until their eyes bleed. Make a profit. Make another game. They’ve had a few small DLC’s that basically add one level for half the current price of the game.

I also bought and completed (!) Injustice 2, which is DC Universe fighting. It was only like 6 hours of storyline, but it was really fun, and it’s been forever and a half since I finished a game. Thanks to Angry Joe for his review that got me to spring for it.

I’m interested in Red Dead Online, but I don’t want to pay full price for the game, since I likely won’t play the main campaign without a female character.

U.S Stocks

Two months ago I called for the market to soar higher. It did. I bet on it. Profit.

Right now, I’m not sure what will happen next. We could have another leg up to January 1, but we are still very extended over both the S&P channel and the breakout level. We could flag sideways or down for a few weeks. It depends on the political situation. Data is good and bad.

I’m ruing the day I sold Valero (VLO) at break-even. I rue every time I sell anything, basically. I sold AMD at $6 at break even. It’s more like $26 now. Still, Valero is big oil. Its days are numbered. I want long term holdings.

Currently I’m watching VLO, CCI, V, CSCO, TWLO, and AKAM.

Akamai (AKAM) is my biggest winner ever. I bought it for approx $2/share in 2001 after the dot com crash. I sold it for close to $40? (I bought another dotcom crash victim that later died, figuring one of the two would survive.) After a decade and lots of sideways, AKAM is lately pushing up over $80 with the growth of the cloud. I wouldn’t mind getting back in.

I’ve seen the CEO do interviews. I don’t know why, but he strikes me as sketchy. I’ll bet his stock has underperformed a lot of other big tech companies, at least in recent years.

Video Games Coming in 2019

Hell yeah! Let’s get the hype going and support Vampire: Bloodlines 2 and Cyberpunk 2077!

Wasteland 3 is also scheduled, but I was really bored with the strategy combat scenarios in Wasteland 2. It would take a lot of RP injection to even get me to look at it.

W3 is an InXile production, still headed by Brian Fargo. Fargo said on Twitter that Wasteland 3 is a “massive step up” visually from Wasteland 2. Honestly, visuals in W2 were fine. It’s not something that bothered me. Giant hordes of enemies, one enemy behind every goddamned old tire, rock, and corn stalk, did make me quit playing the game not too far in.

We’ll see! In the meantime, it’s definitely worth following Brian Fargo on Twitter, for any RPG enthusiast. Happy holidays, and happy gaming!

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