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Tumblr Gaming Blog Of The Week

I don’t know what else to call these posts, but Fereldanwench‘s gaming-related Tumblr blog is pretty awesome. It’s also labeled NSFW (Not Safe For Work 18+). I’ll flop that up front.

In fact, this blog taught me the word “apostitute“, which is the most startling, remarkable, and rich neologism I’ve cognized in a while, a fusion of the Dragon Age term “apostate” and the obvious.

And Ferelden (with an ‘e’) is of course a geographical kingdom in Dragon Age. I liked the author’s post below. The original link to her enthusiastic caption is here.

Ferelden Wench is also a cosplayer, with some Saint’s Row and some DA2 Isabela to her credit.

It’s nice to see someone re-appropriating the word “wench”. If bitch and **** can get done, it will be a triumph.

dragon age 2 lesbian screenshot

Featured Blog Of The Week

11/8/15 edit – updated link for Anna’s new Tumblr blog.

My favorite game-related Tumblr blog this week is from a fellow Phoenix resident, kinkster, model, and cosplayer–Anna Von Winter. The image below shows her in Asajj Ventress regalia.

For more of Anna’s cosplay, the Ventress tag link on her blog will work wonders. Why am I snorting Tumblr and not SWTOR? This worries me. Why is this sexy Sith hitched to a dorky human dude? Another mystery to this kitty.

Love is mysterious, I suppose, defying race, faction, and credo. I’m off to chase my own tail, then fall asleep. The new comic strip is almost finished.

Ventress Cosplay Image

The Sophisticated Dragon

For some reason I’ve always seen Flemeth from Dragon Age to be more of a dragon than a human. I’ve lamented on this blog how two-dimensional dragons have become lately–evil creatures of greed and destruction and little else.

In the old days of Dungeons and Dragons, the titular big lizards were of all sorts of alignments–good ones and “evil” ones just like the fairy folk. Maybe we have Tolkien to blame or thank for cementing this fantasy archetype of evil.

There is a lot of value though in simple, powerful symbols that don’t require thought, only a connection to the subconscious “lizard brain” as it’s called in Dexter and the Dresden Files. Every character in fiction can’t be sketched down to every wart and talon, so we get summaries in a nutshell.

I’m a little bogged down in Rift this week. I’m L56 and needing 4-5 million XP per level to get to 60. At the rate I’m going, that could take months, not weeks.

I plan to sub Rift, but I want my Rift sub duration to span through the next expansion. (A year or six months is a better deal.) So I’m in a holding pattern, sniffing for a time frame on this (Daglar’s long-awaited state of the game address for example), crafting and playing with builds until I pull the trigger on some XP-boosting subscription relief.

This morning, I found a wonderful award-winning cosplay image of Flemeth on Tumblr via the Gaming In Your Underwear blog. I thought she was official game art at first!

No, this is YumiKoyuki, a costume arts student at the Aalto University of Arts, Design and Architecture in Finland.


Flemeth cosplay image.