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Kick-Ass Female Characters posted a list of the top 65 female fantasy characters today. This follows a previous list of the top 40 female sci-fi characters.

I’m fine with neglecting Selene from Underworld (Kate Beckinsdale), but it’s silly to leave Hit Girl (from the actual movie Kick-Ass) off the kick-ass list.

As Angry Joe noted last Saturday, Chloe Moretz will reprise her role as Hit Girl this week as Kick-Ass 2 releases on Aug. 16th.

I really hope this movie is, well, good. I loved the first one. It’s one of the few superhero movie franchises I follow, along with X-Men, which has still more kick-ass women not on the lists. Toby MacGuire is boring. Hulk who?

Iron Man and those Norse god guys were ok and entertaining for a once-through, but I haven’t been back yet for the sequels. I do need to dial up the new Superman movie since Joe says an evil superwoman kicks Superman’s ass. I have to see that.

So Molly Weasley and Mary Poppins are listed but not Phoenix or Kitty Pryde? Since when did the lesbian establishment stop drooling over Ellen Page? Don’t forget her performance as the superheroine Boltie in Super, another good movie that threw a bone to Kick-Ass fans who were waiting forever for this sequel.

I was thinking just today at work about doing a review column that includes movies and discusses kick-ass female characters. I’m watching a movie tonight called Cat Run which features an assassin who cuts off noses and fingers, among other things, and leveled her sniper rifle skill to the max.

It’s rare to see a movie with such a wide variety of interesting characters of both sexes. Yes, the movie could be better. but Cat Run starring Paz Vega still wins a 8/10 review with a BAD KITTY STAMP OF APPROVAL.

I haven’t watched the end of Cat Run yet because I keep starting over, but that’s how everyone reviews MMOs these days, so why not movies too.