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Elf In Real Life: Aleister Crowley

Aleister CrowleyThis week I created a new piece of art, which depicts a Woman in Red, who was called the Scarlet Woman by Aleister Crowley.

While researching the symbolism, I came across this picture of Aleister Crowley. His ears look very, very pointy! The word hobgoblin comes to mind.

So I’m reminded that not all elves are good, and elves are fey, and not all fey are good.

Nonetheless, I made a piece of art straight from my subconscious mind showing a red woman riding a great two-headed beast, holding the reins in her left hand, and an umbrella in her right.

And then the Woman In Red made the connection with Aleister Crowley in my head, so I started googling. I’ve read a lot of Crowley in the distant past. Magic can’t be babbled about too much without risking ruining the magic, which I will hope to avoid at this point.

I play a mage more often than an elf, truth be told.

I looked at Diablo 3 again this week, but didn’t buy. It’s sitting right there, reminding me daily thanks to the Battle.Net launcher and the power of the Blizzard “ecosystem.” I even sort of want to play WoW again.

This week I purchased the Naxxramas adventure pack for Hearthstone, and I really enjoyed it! I completed the $25 expansion in about 8 hours. This isn’t expensive if you account for the many hours of free play and dailies.

I only wish Hearthstone had more female heroes and viable themed decks. I’d like to play a pirate deck on my Rogue, but I don’t think it’s viable. So I won’t even try for the cards. You should mostly bring critters, mechs, and Doctor Boom now if you want to win. After Blackrock Mountain releases, we should see a lot more dragons.

Blizzard is surely still feeling their way through handling the card progression. Off to get some exercise and sunlight. Happy gaming, whatever you’re playing!

Weekly Wyrm: The Weather Outside Is Frightful

guild wars 2 class changeIt’s a warm 82 degrees Fahrenheit in Phoenix in the first week of March. Summer is coming soon–the season to crank up the air conditioning, close down the blinds, and play games in the half-light.

Summer is winter in the desert. Instead of freezing, we blister.

A few days ago, Angry Joe posted an interview video on the upcoming Guild Wars 2 expansion, Heart of Thorns. Colin Johansen mentioned major class and advancement restructuring–a Mastery system.

Colin also mentioned the Hunter profession being able to swap to Druid spec or back again, as well as to others if/when more specializations are added to the game.

Suddenly the Guild Wars 2 buy-to-play game is a lot more interesting than Elder Scrolls, which seems more flexible in theory but just doesn’t click with me. Too much flexibility means generic, overlapping, and useless skills, a criticism often mentioned in Rift.

My druid is probably my favorite class in World of Warcraft, although my WoW characters have always seemed limited compared to Rift. I never wanted to stick with just one.

Maybe this class-swapping will be the answer, and I can put a hunter/druid on my very short list of dedicated, lifetime-favorite characters. So speaking of World of Warcraft.

Return To Hearthstone

For now, I’ve returned to Hearthstone on Android. This was released just this last December, and thanks to my new 8″ Tab 4, I’m good to go. The game runs smoothly and beautifully, and is just barely sharp enough and large enough to read the text and enjoy the experience.

I can play Hearthstone in bed, on the toilet, in the kitchen, or even standing on my head. Really only in bed, since I’m way behind the curve on legendary cards, and it’s easier for the poor kitty to take it in the tail while lying down.

So Blizzard just announced a new expansion at PAX East a few days ago, entitled Blackrock Mountain. I skipped the first two Xpacks/Adventure things (Goblins vs. Gnomes and Naxxramas), but Blackrock Mountain has always been my favorite place in WoW, and I spent a lot of good times farming the Spire and Depths.

This might be my first pre-order of a game in quite a while. We’ll see. I’m reminded that I promised to buy Diablo 3 since Blizzard made both genders of each class, but I still haven’t. Anyway, if you haven’t tried Hearthstone on Android, it’s worth a look on a compatible device.

It’s hard to feel like you’re progressing and not just wasting tons of time playing Hearthstone, but it’s a lot of fun in those odd moments, or if you really go hardcore. That’s about it for this week. Thanks for reading.

Hearthstone: Like A Box Of Chocolates

Tonight I played Blizzard’s newly-released Hearthstone for maybe three hours. This meant that I also installed the launcher, which lets you log into most Blizzard games without entering your ID and password, including WoW. I had no idea. The kitty likes this!

Meanwhile, commenters vomited unnecessary negativity on Trion’s newly announced launcher yesterday. The desirability is obvious, which is why every game company is implanting these into your cerebral cortex PC desktop. Don’t worry. Just trust. Play. Love.

Hugs For Hearthstone

Hearthstone is a free-to-play digital collectible card game based on the Warcraft universe and lore. If you’re a fan of Warcraft, everything should be familiar and fun, but you don’t need to be a fan to enjoy the game.

I haven’t played a fantasy card game in eons beyond elven reckoning, and I was surprised by how much fun it was. The tutorial eases you into the concepts and complicated strategies using non-player computer opponents.

If you win three matches in Play mode, you get a mount for World of Warcraft. It’s a beautiful bluish Pegasus mount (“Pegaso” is the Spanish translation in the mount panel, anyway), magical yet earthy and equestrian.

The Hearthstone interface is not so beautiful. If Elder Scrolls Online players think Morrowind is muddy and dull, they should put it side by side with Hearthstone. The interface looks blurry and low-resolution dirt brown, or chocolate if you want to be charitable.

The game logo also looks a wee bit Photoshop to me, but well-adjusted humans shouldn’t have a problem.

I learned a lot about the Mage from just a few hours of play. I made mistakes. My opponents made mistakes. Sometimes a game is an exciting game of inches. Other times you get all the cards, and your opponent is card dead, and victory is inevitable towards the end when you can play more cards at once.

Other times it’s vice versa. You’re mashed potatoes for the ogres.

The luck factor gives you a chance in every match, and it’s worth the frustration. That’s the same frustration that’s supposed to drive you to buy cards one can suppose, or rather packs of cards to open randomly and hopefully like MMO lock boxes.

My question is what is supposed to be my motivation to keep going and advance, aside from just having fun and learning more about WoW lore and heroes. Supposedly there is a ratings or advancement panel I haven’t visited yet.

The murlocs in the game are worth a chuckle. One card played against me was a turtle or something that got buffed if it ate a murloc. Only nine heroes are available at launch, and only two are female. That gender lopsidedness surely goes an orc too far.

Diablo 3 has no such lopsidedness that I know of, to its credit. There’s a free Diablo 3 starter edition on the Battle.Net launcher, but I’ll stick with WoW. My Druid is bearly level 84 now in the Cataclysm expansion.