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Weekly Wyrm June 1, 2013

Star Trek Online CartoonLast week, Syp on the Biobreak blog called Romulans “dark space elves”, and as a huge elf fan I had to try Star Trek Online right away.

I’d never played ST:O, and I’m thrilled with my Romulan (pictured in the image). The prologue story and racial lore for this expansion race in ST:O is good, enjoyable fare that I would recommend to anyone looking for a unique F2P MMO experience.

Romulans are distant ancestors of the Vulcans, and their ships have cloaking, which will be nice for when it gets cold in space.

I’m honestly having fun playing because Cryptic allowed me to make a viable character that I liked, without having to pay up front. Now I’m considering a month subscription if the quality of the game continues to keep me interested. The only real negative so far is the constant spam of other players acquiring new sparkling ships.

These so-called “Gameplay” messages (…) pop up constantly in the middle of your screen, and I have not found a way to turn them off. It’s the same deal as in Neverwinter. Surely the benefit does not outweigh annoying your players?

I noticed my Romulan captain received mail from my Champions Online super-heroines, which was a bit silly. So aside from the F2P in-game ZEN sales and the “meta” features phasing my space-elf in the knee, Star Trek Online has impressed me so far with visuals, decent gameplay, and decent dialog that often gives the illusion that you are making decisions.

An illusion is better than nothing, at least for the kitty.

I chose to side with the Federation (the Romulan expansion race has to choose Federation or Klingon) hoping for less combat and more diplomacy. Right now I seem to be stuck on a bug, though, and I’m downloading Champions Online to play that a little bit.

I’ve noticed that I have no ZEN currency to purchase things in Star Trek or Neverwinter, but I have 14500 ZEN in Champions, which is a lot. I thought ZEN was a common currency for the Cryptic Store, but something isn’t linked up. I would love to have this ZEN in Neverwinter. I think there is a hidden restriction, but I have submitted a ticket just in case.

We had a 4-minute TESO video this last week that Massively spin-doctored into being a “gameplay” video for Elder Scrolls online. There was also an interesting Neverwinter review on MMORPG.

The author mixes up “Gameplay” and character customization in the second section where she rates gameplay a 9/10. Rift has great character customization if you’re talking about gameplay customization. LoTRO (multiple specs) and GW2 (switching weapons) are pretty good. Neverwinter?

If I had to pick an eye-opener gaming news item of the week, it was a tie between this opinion on Neverwinter and the breast-obsession of Angry Joe’s girlfriend.

Obviously I’m digging pretty deep for something interesting. This was a forgettable week. Champions is downloaded. Time to dig in the closet for my spandex.