My Characters

I wish I had kept screens of my characters years ago, but better now than never.

Yolari Aoyanagi. L50 Summoner. FFXIV:ARR

Skyrim. Henwulf, L35 Imperial Ranger/Vampire. Castle Volkihar claimed for myself and my immortal beloved.

Devilian.  Leonore 50 Evoker

Rift. Leonore 65 Eth Mage. I also have a 65 Kelari rogue, a 50 Bahmi warrior, and 50 Dwarf Cleric.

World of Warcraft. Fâne (L80 Priest), Portiah (L80 Death Knight), and Shâr (L79 Hunter). These are three accounts, three-boxed.

LotRO. These are four of my eight L65+ LotRO characters on Landroval. These are two accounts, two-boxed.

Henwing (L120 Rune-Keeper) and Beldamire (L80 Champion)

Henwulf (L115 Lore-Master) and Tehkitteh(L120 Captain)

Guild Wars 2. Shar Katzdottir, L55 Ranger

Shar portrait

SWTOR Sharka Angelheart, L25 Agent

SWTOR screen


One response to “My Characters

  • Andreas

    Hi, Found this blog when I was waiting for my crafting to finish in LotRO 🙂 Been an interesting read so far! I’m wondering, have you tried the multiplayer part of Vampire the Masquerade: Redemption? It has this really flexible storyteller mode that’s very suitable for roleplayers.

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