North Mirkwood, Wow Multiclassing, Hearthstone, Etc.

Massively reported this week on the Northern Mirkwood update 22 for LotRO. I’m patching LotRO now. I’m morbidly curious to see if I’m kicked out of my LotRO kinship for inactivity, for like the 10th time.

When I finished the main story of Mordor (for all I know, there could be more of it now, honestly), I had no interest in grinding gear whatsoever. Just too much grinding, and confusing.

The sight of Mirkwood has me vaguely interested, since I’ve been completely unable to find an MMO replacement. My one month back in WoW didn’t persuade me to spend the next decade of my life grinding that game.

Massively wrote a speculative piece on WoW multi-classing this week. My main problem with WoW has always been the classes just never sticking with me. Are the classes in WoW just “dumbed down”? Maybe that’s why I’ve spent more time playing Rift than WoW.

Rift lost me on too many loot box and cash shop shenanigans, among other things. Hearthstone is pushing more promotional roulette wheel stuff, but effort you make in Hearthstone is never completely lost.

You can always dust your cards down the road (aka gear), use them in wild, etc. Maybe the Mech tribe will make a comeback, and unused cards will suddenly be playable, etc. Everyone wishes there were more achievements and things to do in Hearthstone though.

Politics and Market Commentary

The bounce. Is it a real ‘V’, or are we going down again? The news that Mueller is charging Russians for election meddling, but not the Trump campaign (yet), seems to take some steam off of the overhead of political risks in the short term. Yeah.

The initial big surge was the dip buyers, but after many, many months of no dips, that was expected. Some analysts insist the unwinding of volatility trades, among other things, will take weeks, not ten days, but things are looking pretty stable.

I went back big into GOOGL at the first of the week, because I liked the market action. I’m up 3%. The daily action looks fairly orderly to me, with money being put to work, not so much FOMO.

I am up 12% on RHT (RedHat) since last week, which is crazy. I mentioned LH (Labcorp) last week, and that has been insane too. I wish now that I had pushed. I would buy LH on another dip if we have one.

I sold ALB (Albemarle) already yesterday (Friday) at the peak of the market, within minutes of the announcement that Rosenstein was going to make a prepared statement. That was good timing.

I took 6% in ALB, and the reason I sold is that the dollar is holding support and bouncing, instead of breaking still lower. Kevin O’Leary stated he thinks the dollar has found a bottom, and he is acting accordingly. So, I decided maybe it’s a good idea to protect my profits.

Also, the breadth on this bounce is really not there. If the breadth increases on Mom and Pop Monday (Tuesday, this week due to holiday), then we could have a FOMO situation.

If FOMO hits this coming week, we could see panic buying into a double top pattern, and then who knows. Another big drop could cause lasting damage to morale of dip buyers. If breadth declines, then caveat emptor even more.


Ok, LotRO is done patching. Time to look up my password, log in, and see what happens. I see a lot of people in Mordor. I see the normal amount of people in both kins (on both accounts.) I see bands playing in Bree (on Landroval.)

So pretty much situation normal. I have no idea what to do, though. Maybe just wait for Mirkwood. I’m not grinding Mordor gear. Today I have a bunch of art to do for my game project, anyway.

A drawing of a fairy. A gnome merchant, maybe with a burro. Or maybe a flying transport carpet? My world is pretty low/medium magic though.

Maybe it shouldn’t be low magic? Maybe that’s just lazy and unimaginative?

I really improved my interface last week, and I put up a new splash screen for module three on Deviant Art.


Stock Market: Stacking Bleeds, And “Brain Hacking”

saturnine ball
So. The image above is from my game project. It’s the “Saturnine Ball”. It’s a gnomish invention, basically a very depressed magic 8-ball that you might encounter in module 2, if you make the right choices. It seems appropriate at the moment.

Gaming Stocks

As I wrote in my last post a month ago, the stock market was showing signs of a market top, with record numbers of moms and pops throwing money at a stock market going parabolic (vertical). I predicted a major pullback, and it has arrived.

I nibbled near the bottom of the first dip Tuesday morning, then sold back other equities late this afternoon when the market dropped again and passed the first levels, so I’m back to my initial level of investment (about 50%).

As of this afternoon, signs are pointing more towards this being a major crapstorm.

One problem of many is that everyone is still bullish. Our most recent big correction was in January 2016. That was triggered by a crash in oil. A lot of people then, including very big names, were saying to get out. Sell.

This time some of those same people, i.e. Carl Icahn, are saying no worries. This is actually very worrying, and illustrates how everyone is on the same side of the bull boat even after a week of selling.

According to Jim Cramer and others, the main cause of this market crash is leveraged investment instruments tied to volatility. Volatility exploded, and so did these investment vehicles. So big fund managers need to sell to cover their losses.

Meanwhile, the Trump administration announced they are pushing ahead towards a trade war with China in coming weeks. (I actually read the south China newspaper most days.) Rex Tillerson is getting some good street cred lately though, and he’s on the case.

There is also another government shutdown possible. I can also see Russia doing something politically horrible during the Olympics, since they were officially banned. Oil is also threatening to crash partly due to fears related to Venezuela sanctions. Shorting oil is a trade I’ve been looking at (SCO ETF). As normal, I’m too timid.

This might actually be “the big one.” This week so far is the worst since 2008 for the Dow, and since 2011 for the S&P. Milder pullbacks in 2016 took over 6 months of consolidation and fear before the market could move higher.

At the moment, I’ve taken small profits in Google and NetEase, and I’ve switched over to the Albemarle I’ve been wanting, and a half position in Redhat because I dream of a world free of Microsoft’s bloated leeching. So I’m not any more or less invested in the market since last August.

NetEase (NTES, major Chinese online game publisher and distributor), had a horrible earnings report yesterday, citing increased expenses and competition. That’s why I sold. This is basically my prediction for all of 2018 for gaming stocks – increased competition and more difficulty.

Take Two (TTWO) disappointed on earnings yesterday and was punished. The CEO, Strauss Zelnick, appeared on CNBC today for damage control. He talked up the numbers for GTA online. What? GTA: Online is ancient news, dude. I hope your sexist caveman game company dies in a fire.

Blizzard’s report today was excellent, in contrast.

NVidia crushed earnings even more than Blizzard, and is soaring today after hours. NVidia is close to my largest position, along with Alibaba and Tencent,all of which are up so much that they would have to drop another 50% before I would be concerned.

So I’m being patient right now. I’ll be looking to fill out my position in Red Hat at a lower level. I might add LabCorp(LH) to fill out my healthcare exposure. I’m also curious about Oak Tree Capital (OAK), which is getting hit hard along with all financials today. Basically stocks with very strong earnings reports, which are getting slaughtered regardless by the broad market.

Intel also looks more interesting and affordable as a gaming-related play (INTC). Chip stocks have been especially hurt (except NVidia). This is also a chance to buy Amazon or other favorite tech stocks.

Should I consider going back big into Blizzard for one more year? Or was Hearthstone and Overwatch a long-term peak, and they will need a new generation of games soon? It’s very hard for me to believe in longevity and customer loyalty in video games, enough to support these ESport leagues and therefore ongoing increases in revenues and profits.

Gamers are fickle creatures.

Square (SQ) is also interesting, but I’ve decided payments processing is just too vulnerable to long term disruption. Visa (V) may get a bump from the Olympics, but the Olympics might not be super-spectated. They always run commercials? I have no idea about the world of payments. Investing there would be just rolling dice.

Interest rates are currently rising in an uncontrolled way, which is another big problem. This is putting pressure on central bankers worldwide, putting more risk on risk assets, and also on “zombie corporations” that are only alive with massive debt on easy financing.

I’m curious about Oaktree Capital Group . It specializes in distressed debt. OAK is also an elf stock! Because “Oaktree”. Obviously.

I also still have EQIX on my long-term watchlist, which is a major data center lessor and operator. It’s under long-term pressure from rising interest rates however, because it is lumped heavily into real estate (REIT) ETFs, seemingly more than the telecoms.

It’s tempting to go all-in on the market here, but 2018 is likely going to be a long and difficult year in the stock market. I think a market drawdown of 20% is possible, especially if this fed “unwinding” of easing puts pressure on systems in unexpected and disastrous ways, which doomsayers have been predicting for quite a while now.

Gaming And Addiction

I’m so frustrated with Hearthstone. The long-awaited ranked revamp is a no-effort whatever. No game mode in Hearthstone is worth spending real-life time playing.

The rewards are trivial compared to the hours you spend making progress. In the case of arena, you actually mathematically lose gold. Meanwhile Blizzard nerfed some cards (be sure to go in and dust them), and there is an enticing new “deal” to buy 30 card packs for $20.

I’ve also tried to play some Tunnels and Trolls modules this week, for ideas and insight towards my own game project. I die every time!

Last night I was eaten by five vampire bats in Buffalo Castle! I died repeatedly in Naked Doom because I played as an elf with low Constitution! I only played for like 5 minutes. So that isn’t fun. But tonight I am back at it.

Hearthstone’s kobold dungeon has a similar brutal design principle. I wonder if brutality, hopeless suffering, and many deaths is actually addictive?

Roger MacNamee was saying on the Bill Maher show last Friday that social media is insidiously designed to addict us with articles that give a strong negative emotional reaction. Getting angry or afraid hacks our brains into creating an emotional bond through enhanced engagement.

The same concept is clearly relevant to video games.

So video game companies are creating addictive games with as many gambling mechanics as they can cram in, combined with emotion and frustration, and then shaking down kids for more and more of their lunch money, which will give better cards/gear to alleviate the pain.

The reason I can’t let go of Hearthstone, and its overly expensive costs, its absurd lack of class balance, and fumbling out-of-touch devs, probably involves various forms of addiction, sense of being too invested to quit, etc.

New Awesome MMO’s On The Way!

No. Not really. I can’t find any. Someone please make a new great fantasy MMO!

I looked at FFXIV:ARR this week. The last “news update” on their official website was from 2015. Their other official site link is an unreadable mobile-friendly eyestrain-fest. Good job, CM’s. But still, you know there are some sweet catgirls playing FFXIV.

I also looked at some Elder Scrolls gameplay on Twitch, and I just can’t do it. I’ve tried ESO a couple times, and I don’t like the interface, the lack of auction house, basically the whole MMO-designed-for-consoles thing.

So I’m looking at Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire coming this spring, but I need to finish the first one first. It’s installed! We’ll see. Happy gaming, and thanks for reading.

New Years Shopping, Gaming, Developing, Resolutions


In the last six weeks, I played a month of WoW and gained 10 levels. I almost reached Legion, but not quite. I played WoW for one month last year, and almost reached Warlords of Draenor. So I’m basically playing an expansion behind, when nothing you do really matters except leveling.

I’m glad I’m dodging that enormous endgame time sink, but I’m happy for people who collect chieves and pets. Sometimes I wish I had always kept up.

Instead, I played Hearthstone. I cleared the Kobolds dungeons with all classes on two accounts, earning the candle cardback. I love how the cardback is matte and waxy. It’s a detail that some might miss. It’s a pretty card.

I also started playing two accounts and two regions. So I can complete quests against myself. This means I get quests done in a tiny fraction of the time, and basically I get 4x as much gold and freebies towards a split collection.

I also get to play a lot more ranked games from 20-25, which are relaxing and fun.

Game Shopping

This weekend I ordered a Razr Naga Chroma from Amazon, on an enticing sale at $45. I hope the mechanical programmable buttons will speed up the thousand hours I’ll spend using Photoshop in 2018, more so than games.

The only game I purchased this season was the Kobolds pre-order for Hearthstone, and starter bundles for my expanded accounts.

I also bought two more snake lights from Ikea, so I can draw at my computer now with 4 lights. (See image.) The days are too short and cloudy to rely on sunlight, even in Arizona.

I also bought a new fairy compendium, “The Faerie Handbook“, which I expect will be inspirational. I’ve also been reading “The Witches Guide To Fairy Folk,” as research for my game project.

Gaming Stocks

The market is pausing. A seasonal expected rally fizzled a little bit. Reports last fall said record numbers of moms and pops pushed money into the stock market this year.

This is bearish, since it typically happens at market tops.

Materials stocks just jumped on talk of a spending bill in congress coming for ‘make america great again by fixing all the broken shit’, but we’ll have to see if the bill is big or successful. It doesn’t seem to offer much benefit for the super rich, unless it’s another big ripoff of public funds.

An explosion of world turmoil, thanks in significant part to Trump, is also very bearish. CNN reports that a rail station and multiple municipal projects in Israel will bear Trump’s name, adding more evidence to my anti-Christ theory.

This guy worships money, lies constantly – the list is endless. He is the picture of sin. The list of more heinous people to name places after in Israel is pretty short.

So for the last two months, I’ve been looking for a big market pullback in January. I’m watching to possibly add Blizzard (ATVI), Sony (SNE), Square (SQ), ANET, EQIX, WDC, RHT, ALB, JD, and V, depending on what seems to fit my portfolio.

I need exposure to financials and pretty much everything other than tech, especially after selling Dow chemical before they merged with DuPont, and missing the big run in Valero that I mentioned in a previous post. I also need something other than U.S. and China.

Game Project

Believe it or not, I’ve been working very hard on my game project. I’m getting close to having four modules completed. This is over 100 scenes and upwards of 200 dialog speakers.

I’ve needed tons of textures, so I’ve been out with my phone taking photos. I spent my New Year’s Eve painting a scene with a gnome professor in the science building, straightening out my expanding texture library, and watching Kripparian playing Hearthstone blindfolded on Twitch.

Currently most major game systems and coding are in my game, except for combat. Saving progress and shopping for things also need to be firmed up. I’m fairly happy with how my spells are working. (Keep it simple, stupid.)

I also want to support HTH as an alternative to solving problems (hand to hand, a game abbreviation fo unarmed or staff/kung fu combat, since humans are not allowed to carry or wield actual weapons in the lands of the Seelie, without special Court dispensation.)

I also want to add another review panel that records all game feedback. I show dice rolls and results, but I don’t break them down in detail.

Today and this week I am trying to finish a module dedicated to touring the school, hunting for clues to the inevitable mystery, meeting interesting professors and people, finding the door to the school dungeon, and learning about how to use the haunted library.

My worst weakness as a developer is boringness and lack of imagination. I’d like to binge watch all of the Harry Potter movies, which are being featured on Netflix. I need lots more immersion in faeries, wizards, and magical worlds.

New Year/s Resolutions

I only have one – to stay healthy. If I die of a heart attack or cancer, I can’t finish my game project. #sad

I can’t even make my first real dungeon! Yes, the Owl River school has a ‘dungeon’ of sorts, just like Hogwarts. The first dangerous area is actually a small port town environment.

One good thing to note – my constant contemplation of fairies, elves, and the Underworld is making me a more spiritual person. I have to think spiritually to weigh and consider how to represent everything related to other realms and luminous beings.

And honestly, the human life with its petty interests and concerns seems pretty bland and stupid.

Amazon Promises LotR TV series, Delivers Golden Packs For Hearthstone

I’ve been exhausted lately. In the last week, I completed season 12 objectives of Diablo 3, in bed. I can only say this was a satisfying single-player experience. And post a pic.

Lord of The Rings TV Show

Amazon announced a LotR TV series today, which is mind-blowing. There is no date set yet, and no cast, but they say they are committing to multiple seasons. This commitment must be a licensing thing.

What stories could they tell? Gandalf and Aragorn were very active between the Hobbit and Fellowship, but I’m not a lore expert. I just hope there are as many hobbits and elves as bearded men with wenches and big swords.

It’s been a while since I really looked forward to a TV show. I’m currently an Amazon Prime subscriber. Amazon now allows monthly subs, which is very cheap for a lot of value.

Sub for a month, watch the shows, order your stuff, unsub, for around $10. Plus right now you get a golden Hearthstone pack in Twitch loot. Not bad.

Diablo 3

As a mostly clueless Diablo 3 newbie, the season reset offered a good opportunity to create a new character and learn how to play the game. The difficulty and learning curve were perfect.

So I beat a “Greater Rift” in 15 minutes on difficulty 20 to complete the season, and now I have a level 70, 75 paragon Monk with a shiny gold hero portrait, and a complete Uliana set and build.

I thought I’d like the angel wings reward, but they’re a bit much.


Blizz announced a new expansion, Kobolds and Catacombs. The theme has a nice Disney flavor and introduces a new single-player dungeon game mode.

No one is really sure if the mode will be good, or why Blizzard devoted development resources to this mode, or why people will play this mode, since they say it offers no real rewards.

The introduction of “legendary weapon” class cards in Kobolds is also a little ‘meh’. Just a good excuse to create overpowered cards that people have to have, and craft.

Gaming Stocks

Take Two (TTWO) and NVidia (NVDA) were two big winners in the last two weeks of quarterly gaming company earnings reports. Electronic Arts (EA) had the weakest results of the big three developers/publishers in focus on Wall Street.

Activision Blizzard (ATVI) was somewhere in the middle.

Blizzard still soared last week on news of record-breaking release for Call of Duty: WW2, but then sold off again on general market weakness.

I purchased EA and held for a week up to the day of earnings, and sold before earnings for a very slim profit.

I also purchased Disney (DIS) within minutes of the rumor that they were talking to Fox studios about a purchase.

Disney went up, but I was not willing to hold through earnings. I washed out at break even. Earnings ended up bad, as I predicted. But it didn’t matter! The stock kept running anyway based on hopes and the force (Star Wars).

So Disney looks bullish into the movie release, but buying and holding seems a little premature to me. Analysts are predicting intense competition for the video game space. Why not also for entertainment in general.

I finally sold JD ( at break even, since I am already overweight China e-commerce with a double in Alibaba, and would rather diversify more in emerging markets (EEM) during a downturn. I didn’t realize JD announces earnings this Monday, though.

JD will probably soar immediately now that I sold, of course, but even if it jumped 10%, it would still be the weakest stock in my portfolio.

I am watching ANET (Arista Networks), and wondering if it isn’t too late to get in. I’m watching Z, ALB, APA, and CTRP. Broad market risks right now are very difficult. Since I’m obviously very risk averse, I’m still waiting for another serious dip.

There is speculation that people have been waiting to sell stocks this year, hoping for tax breaks that will be in force next year.

So January could be unusually bearish, but this week Congress suggested legislation maybe closer to 2019, and that’s partly where the market weakness came from in the last few trading days. Then there would be no point in waiting until January to sell.

Holiday Gaming!

Holidays. Vacation breaks. Good times. I already pre-purchased the Hearthstone expansion.

I’m very interested in CoD:WW2, since I’ve always preferred historical or diabolical shooters over other kinds, but I really want to buy CoD on the Blizzard launcher. Blizz added an Activision section to their launcher, featuring only Destiny 2, but that’s it.

Players are griping and DansGaming about this, but I’m fine. I really like the Blizzard launcher, except it is a bit of a resource hog. Are they going to add CoD? If so, I would rather have all my games on the Blizz launcher than have to load Steam.

That’s it. I’m trying really hard to get back to work on my game project. Next post will probably be post Kobolds and Catacombs. Happy holidays, and happy gaming.

Activision Blizzard: Sell ASAP, Or Back Up The Truck? Plus Hearthstone, Cyberpunk 2077

stock chart activion blizzard
In this post I look at a few upcoming game titles, plus the usual gaming stock analysis.

After mentioning in my last blog post that I quit Hearthstone, I jumped back in during the last three weeks. I got 60 more wins on my wild Dragon Priest to complete 500 total for the golden Tyrande hero portrait.

Overall Hearthstone is a horribly managed. I’m not even going to get started ranting about the new gnome hero. The Blizzard marketers are apparently in charge of game development instead of the actual devs.

And the marketers are solely focused on literally stealing lunch money from as many kids as possible, not making a great game to play.

I don’t know what those people are doing out in California, but they clearly aren’t taking care of business. As Kripp said on his stream a few nights ago, the Hearthstone devs are competent, but nothing is happening. They aren’t acting like it.

Something is just plain wrong with this picture. Maybe they are working on something really big.

Gaming Stocks

Activision Blizzard (ATVI) has entered a downtrend in the last month, and was pushed down harder in the last week from significantly negative analyst press.

I sold ATVI and called for a decline last summer. My slow-and-steady, diversified GAMR ETF has outperformed Blizzard since then (see comparison image above.) The question now is whether to buy back into Blizzard on this pullback!

I agree with everything the gaming analyst says. In previous posts, I mentioned over-inflated expectations for ESports, especially among game-clueless Wall Street people.

The linked article doesn’t mention other analyst observations like intense holiday competition with numerous game releases this season, as well as intense competition coming in 2018.

Justin Olivetti posted a Massively article today noting very strong numbers for Overwatch, but unfortunately the sales for Destiny 2 were very disappointing in September.

Blizzard releases their quarterly earnings on Nov. 2 during Blizzcon.

I have to wonder if the earnings are planned during reveals and excitement to cushion any earnings miss or other disappointment. Destiny sales disappointed. This is a known, but the unknown is how much this will impact Blizzard’s earnings compared to estimates.

I feel like Hearthstone is also going to disappoint. The recent Lich King expansion actually made the game less fun, at least compared to Un’Goro.

Will I buy ATVI? I don’t know. It’s timing and intuition. Watching the stock during any broad market volatility in the next two weeks will definitely help shine light on the situation.

I do know that the window of opportunity will be small, and if I miss a rip, I will lose out on an opportunity to make hundreds of dollars by pressing a couple buttons at the right time.

My last stock buy was 50 shares of VLO on September 13 at $70.50.

I sold it back on 9/14 because it dipped sharply, and I was going away for a long weekend. I didn’t want to be holding a big trade with no ability to dump it. The stock is at $77.42 now.

I watched this stock for two years. I was a coward not long ago when VLO broke out of a massive downtrend at $50, and I just didn’t pull the trigger. And now I missed it again. A $350 gain in one month because I was an idiot, and away from my computer on exactly the wrong day.

Upcoming Games

Today I looked at the holiday roster of big releases, and the only game I really wanted to play was FIFA 18, story mode. But wait, it’s the story of a guy only, no female option, so scratch that off too.

It’s the winter Hearthstone expansion, only.

But wait, again! Today Massively posted a very rare update on Cyberpunk 2077. CD Projekt affirms they are working really big on this game. They say they are redefining and innovating.

This game looks absolutely awesome, but for the love of the Borg mother, please let us play as a female character, instead of regurgitating another Geralt.

There are no real RPGs on the list of holiday games, unless you count Divinity: Original Sin 2, which is pulling some very high ratings. Middle Earth: Shadows of War is a male protagonist again. So is Red Dead 2 next year. I’d be excited about Star Wars: Battlefront 2 by EA if it were a Bioware RPG instead of another mindless killing field game.

Ironically, EA killed Bioware, of course.

Vampyr from DontNod has been pushed back to Spring 2018, and of course it’s another male gender lock.

So if I crave an RPG this holiday season, I’ll look at Divinity: OS2. I didn’t get very far into the first one though. The puzzles were hard on my kitty brain, and I don’t really enjoy crafting and heavy inventory management in single-player games.

Personal Project and Portfolio

I’ve had some health problems in the last month, and these have really set me back in my energy level. I won’t meet my development goals for the end of October. I’ve made a lot of progress though, and my game is fairly playable.

The more complicated systems like combat and spellcasting are barely sketched into the gameplay.

I was investigating the development of a new pen art style for combat action panels, similar to the look of Pillars of Eternity. So I bought my first tablet to try to speed up my workflow. I expected the tablet to have a serious learning curve, however, and I’m now bogged down on that.

I’ve always done traditional drawing. I’ve done quite a bit of comic pen work, including a completed full-size and finished comic book, but it’s just too tedious. It took me a month of full time work to do like 20 pages.

So happy gaming, and leave your thoughts on Blizzard if you want. I’ll be watching the stock. Otherwise, I am watching First Data (FDC), Hack ETF (HACK), Amgen (AMGN), and JPM and ALB, both of which I missed the boat on, although I know I should have jumped into them long ago.

I’m almost more interested to just add to my current holdings on a pullback. The market is very high and expensive right now, and Trump has to explode at some point.

Self-directed investing has taught me that confidence and patience are two of the most important virtues. I need to set definite exit rules before I enter a position, and stick to those rules after I’ve forgotten my original thought process.

I am still patient with (JD), the worst performing stock in my portfolio, sitting at a tiny .49% loss after a series of perilous dips and drops. Netease (NTES) is finally looking strong in the past few weeks, and it looks like JD is primed to follow it with positive analyst recognition a few days ago in Barron’s.