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Elf In Real Life: Love And Cancer

elvish love ringTonight I was working on the cover art for my third novel. I needed elvish script. I found a translator at jenshansen.com.

I also found rings, so a screened one. This is the beautiful ring I’d want for my Arwen, if I lived in some alternate reality where I’d spend $1100 on an elf ring instead of chocolate and video games.

My priorities in life are pathetic.

Jens Hansen and studio created the rings for the Peter Jackson movie in 1999. He died of cancer later in 1999, reminding us that man is mortal.

Companies like Juno Therapeutics and Kite Pharma are currently hard at work developing cures for many different types of cancer using Car-T technology.

Today I practically won the lottery by holding stock of Biogen Idec, which announced shockingly promising results for a new drug that fights Alzheimer’s disease.

So I’m halfway up to an elf ring, but I’ll probably save the money and spend it instead on one week’s worth of Alzheimer’s medication, unless I forget what I was saving it for.


This week I’m still playing Hearthstone in my spare time, enjoying being alive. Apparently ‘cancer’ is a cool word to use among the youth of America right now, based on how often it’s dropped as a metaphor when complaining about Hearthstone in the forums.

There are drugs to fight game forum toxicity, but they are currently under-prescribed or illegal in most states.

This week I pre-ordered the Blackrock Mountain adventure pack for Hearthstone. I also watched some twitch streams of Final Fantasy ARR and Elder Scrolls Online, snooping to see if I wanted to go back to either.

Elder Scrolls Online

I was very dis-heartened to see the landscape of no nameplates in Elder Scrolls. This still isn’t working for me, and it’s lunacy to still not have this as an option. I googled Elder Scrolls nameplates just now, and I got crickets. My rant post here a year ago is on the first page of results.

“Nameplates in an MMO are cancer.” – Paul Sage

Ok, he didn’t really say that. I just thought I’d try the cancer metaphor thing, and even for a good cause it’s still lame.

So I could go back to Guild Wars 2 for the druid, as I mentioned last week, but I’m 200% disengaged from the GW2 story and gameworld, and I can’t imagine how going back can solve that. Somehow MMOs and my brain are just living on different pages. Elder Scrolls holds a significant edge because it’s the only MMO still on my hard drive aside from Rift.

Happy gaming, whatever you’re playing this weekend. Don’t forget to hug your loved ones.