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Forsaken Inn Of Unplayable Races #5 and #6

A new comic strip episode is up in the sidebar. I like the colors and tones in this one. I came pretty close to the purple color that I associate with the spider goddess Lolth (worshiped by the Drow elves in the Underdark), despite being too lazy to look up it first.

One final Forsaken Inn episode after this one is planned.

My gaming is still languishing while I work on projects and now class. Today I found a fabulous book on clearance at the Scottsdale library store: The Maps of Tolkien’s Middle-earth.

I’ve loved maps and making maps since I was a child, when I created devious dungeons for my brother and friends to adventure in. I’m looking forward to reading the historical textbook and accompanying poster-sized artwork when I have time.

The comic took like three days worth of my spare time eek. So you’d better damned well enjoy it, dear humans of earth.

comic strip episode 5
comic strip episode 6

Forsaken Inn Of Unplayable Races #5

The new Forsaken Inn strip is in the sidebar. Enjoy! This is the archive post. Episode #5 is a little short. The next episode, the #6 story arc finale, will be long. After that, I’ll probably take a break on doing these. This will be a busy spring. For the previous episodes, go here:

See: Episode #1 and #2
See: Episode #3 and #4

Forsaken Inn Of Unplayable Races #1 and #2

This week I was playing Rift. I was incorrect in last week’s Weekly Wyrm about the Rift in-game vendor/trainer prices. For premium items you can pay either plat or store currency, not both. I paid seventy credits today instead of 100 plat for a new role (build) slot. I’m happy with that. REX prices are currently around 1 credit = 1 plat.

So that was a silly mistake and duly edited.

For more Rift F2P discussion, I enjoyed listening to Syp’s podcast today, Too Long Didn’t Listen, while I was working on my new comic strip. Syp and Dodge made an interesting conjecture while speaking about Rift–it’s a good financial idea to bring lots of gamers to your MMO and make them really happy instead of annoyed.

Otherwise, it has been an off week for gaming news, and a new episode of my and Yolari’s Forsaken Inn of Unplayable Races is now on the Kitty sidebar. (Woohoo.) My plan is to archive these two-by-two as blog posts, starting with this one.

It took a while for Yolari to finish this. These things take a lot of time–in this case several hours over three days to draw, ink, scan, paint, write, format, and upload.

The inspiration from this strip came from a discussion on a Massively article. Often the players calling other people out for “trolling” are themselves bigger trolls than the original troll. So we wanted to express that in visual form: a troll being trolled.

Click past the break to see both episodes #1 and #2. As always, thanks for visiting Kitty Kitty.

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Same Gender Romance Coming Soon To SWTOR?

Larry Everett made a very eye-opening prediction today about same-gender romances coming in SWTOR: Rise of the Hutt Cartel. This was on Massively in his article, Hyperspace Beacon: What does the future hold for SWTOR?

I was having the same exact thoughts today, but with the additional observation that the Hutt species is hermaphroditic, that is, they have sex organs from both genders hiding somewhere on their big slug-like bodies.

What better time to introduce the enjoyment of love in all possible forms, including droid love? I would think droids are also hermaphroditic, with various interchangeable modules–okay I don’t want to go too far with this, but if there are any droids out there with power supplies that last longer than normal batteries, look me up.

I can also say that a LotRO kinmate on the Landroval server said in our kin forum last July 2nd that her friend is a lead writer for SWTOR, and that she “Just talked to my friend and he confirms that there is definitely some same-sex content coming down the pipe for SWOTR. He can’t say when, but it’s confirmed.”

I think quality companionship is a really big deal in an RPG. It doesn’t even have to be romance. It can be a faction. It can be friends. The party banter in Baldur’s Gate and Dragon Age is much-beloved because it adds so much to immersion and characterization.

I’ve only played Skyrim for six hours (so glad I waited for my new PC–it’s the best-looking game I’ve seen), but I’m already impressed by the characters and how they try to recruit me into their factions. The world of Skyrim is so amazing so far.

Anyway. Here is the relevant text from the Massively article, and behold my newest artwork creation as well, in the form of a quirky comic strip.

“Since the announcement that SWTOR would continue the BioWare tradition of romantic story arcs in TOR, players have been curious (no pun intended) about whether same-gender options would be available and how they might play out within the existing character storylines. I certainly believe that Rise of the Hutt Cartel will bring us the SGRAs we’re looking for.

I’ll even speculate that the arcs will be similar to those in Mass Effect 3. I don’t believe that suddenly every romance arc will be available to you regardless of gender. I believe that certain characters, possibly existing companions (Kaliyo, I’m looking at you), will have a change of heart, as it were, and make themselves available for players to romance now.

However, I think the biggest area for SGRAs will be in brand-new characters introduced on Makeb. These characters will be orientated one specific way, and if your character is the same gender, then you will be able to romance them. Additionally, I believe we will receive a new companion — maybe two. This companion will be gained much as we acquired HK-51: There will be a shared story arc for every class to gain this companion, and I believe this companion will be completely romanceable. ~Larry Everett