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A DLC Rap, Yo

I just wanted to share the video below on my blog, because I agree that DLC and paid unlocks for premium content are becoming outrageous. So are the prices for CE’s at $150+, but apparently people are actually paying for all of this, so the game companies are going to keep shoveling more, because that’s how it works.

Will I pay for DLC? I bought the horse armor in Oblivion because it was new and different, but since then the only thing I’ve wanted is same-gender romances in SWTOR. I believe they were pulled or locked right before launch for political reasons. Bioware’s explanation–that there was some vague, last-minute, unforeseen glitch in this feature after years of development–was simply not believable.

If Bioware does fulfill its promise of SGR, maybe EA will have halved the price of the SWTOR box by then, so I’ll effectively be compensated for my pain and suffering with a lower total price. A rather hollow victory with the wallet. My prediction is companion DLC, so effectively this contentious content will not be in a player’s SWTOR game unless they actively purchase it, and Bioware will be able to deflect hate that way.

For the record, I dislike all DLC and generally will not pay for any of it, so apparently I’m more of an extremist and old-timer than Dan Bull. I hold video games as works of art–especially RPG’s. I equate an RPG to a novel, if you will, with memorable characters and a beginning and an end–like a good book.

I survived LotRO’s transformation from a place of beauty and integrity–my favorite game ever–into…something else (full criticism and nasty labels withheld for legal reasons–Turbine honestly scares me), but I’m sick of all of this marketing, advertising, and greed intruding into my game experience. A game is a happy place by definition–it should not be filled with this &%$# that ruins my immersion.

Guild Wars 2 and The Secret World are launching with cash shops. Guess what–I’m launching my cash at some new clothes instead of video games. In fact, this might be a good last post for my blog for a while.

So anyway, I’ll let Francis, everyone’s favorite fat angry gamer, take over on the intro (you might have to sit through a commercial first to see the video–lovely). As far as what “PLC” means in the refrain, I’m going to assume it means a British-style PLC, which is more or less a company, so an American translation might be “DLC Co.” Please correct me if I’m wrong. Enjoy.