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Elf In Real Life: Love And Cancer

elvish love ringTonight I was working on the cover art for my third novel. I needed elvish script. I found a translator at jenshansen.com.

I also found rings, so a screened one. This is the beautiful ring I’d want for my Arwen, if I lived in some alternate reality where I’d spend $1100 on an elf ring instead of chocolate and video games.

My priorities in life are pathetic.

Jens Hansen and studio created the rings for the Peter Jackson movie in 1999. He died of cancer later in 1999, reminding us that man is mortal.

Companies like Juno Therapeutics and Kite Pharma are currently hard at work developing cures for many different types of cancer using Car-T technology.

Today I practically won the lottery by holding stock of Biogen Idec, which announced shockingly promising results for a new drug that fights Alzheimer’s disease.

So I’m halfway up to an elf ring, but I’ll probably save the money and spend it instead on one week’s worth of Alzheimer’s medication, unless I forget what I was saving it for.


This week I’m still playing Hearthstone in my spare time, enjoying being alive. Apparently ‘cancer’ is a cool word to use among the youth of America right now, based on how often it’s dropped as a metaphor when complaining about Hearthstone in the forums.

There are drugs to fight game forum toxicity, but they are currently under-prescribed or illegal in most states.

This week I pre-ordered the Blackrock Mountain adventure pack for Hearthstone. I also watched some twitch streams of Final Fantasy ARR and Elder Scrolls Online, snooping to see if I wanted to go back to either.

Elder Scrolls Online

I was very dis-heartened to see the landscape of no nameplates in Elder Scrolls. This still isn’t working for me, and it’s lunacy to still not have this as an option. I googled Elder Scrolls nameplates just now, and I got crickets. My rant post here a year ago is on the first page of results.

“Nameplates in an MMO are cancer.” – Paul Sage

Ok, he didn’t really say that. I just thought I’d try the cancer metaphor thing, and even for a good cause it’s still lame.

So I could go back to Guild Wars 2 for the druid, as I mentioned last week, but I’m 200% disengaged from the GW2 story and gameworld, and I can’t imagine how going back can solve that. Somehow MMOs and my brain are just living on different pages. Elder Scrolls holds a significant edge because it’s the only MMO still on my hard drive aside from Rift.

Happy gaming, whatever you’re playing this weekend. Don’t forget to hug your loved ones.

Elf In Real Life: Aleister Crowley

Aleister CrowleyThis week I created a new piece of art, which depicts a Woman in Red, who was called the Scarlet Woman by Aleister Crowley.

While researching the symbolism, I came across this picture of Aleister Crowley. His ears look very, very pointy! The word hobgoblin comes to mind.

So I’m reminded that not all elves are good, and elves are fey, and not all fey are good.

Nonetheless, I made a piece of art straight from my subconscious mind showing a red woman riding a great two-headed beast, holding the reins in her left hand, and an umbrella in her right.

And then the Woman In Red made the connection with Aleister Crowley in my head, so I started googling. I’ve read a lot of Crowley in the distant past. Magic can’t be babbled about too much without risking ruining the magic, which I will hope to avoid at this point.

I play a mage more often than an elf, truth be told.

I looked at Diablo 3 again this week, but didn’t buy. It’s sitting right there, reminding me daily thanks to the Battle.Net launcher and the power of the Blizzard “ecosystem.” I even sort of want to play WoW again.

This week I purchased the Naxxramas adventure pack for Hearthstone, and I really enjoyed it! I completed the $25 expansion in about 8 hours. This isn’t expensive if you account for the many hours of free play and dailies.

I only wish Hearthstone had more female heroes and viable themed decks. I’d like to play a pirate deck on my Rogue, but I don’t think it’s viable. So I won’t even try for the cards. You should mostly bring critters, mechs, and Doctor Boom now if you want to win. After Blackrock Mountain releases, we should see a lot more dragons.

Blizzard is surely still feeling their way through handling the card progression. Off to get some exercise and sunlight. Happy gaming, whatever you’re playing!

Elf In Real Life: The Importance Of Mindfulness

hypnosis graphicLast week I was served an inedible sandwich at Wendy’s. The horror. I took it back and complained, and I was given an edible sandwich–but not what I ordered, and zero apology.

My first-ever tablet (Samsung Tab 4) was delivered Thursday, and the UPS guy dropped it hard on the concrete. It still works, but I could hear the loud splat through the door.

Last week I also realized GoDaddy cut my website storage from 100GB down to 10GB without telling me–barely more then I’m currently using. Meanwhile, my plan and their advertising says I should get 100GB.

I called and complained, but they said my plan was outdated, and I needed to upgrade and pay more. They already raised my domain rates by like 50% in the last few years. I’m leaving and going to a competitor, obviously.

Can you imagine if your cable provider cut your TV channels by 90% suddenly, or your internet speed by 90%, and when you called to complain they said – oh, your plan is outdated, and you need to upgrade to get your channels back? Are you serious, GoDaddy?

Yes, serious about profit and exploiting their market position just like Apple, whose gross margin on their phones is a whooping 40%.

Syp at Biobreak recently wrote a scathing post about elves and their elitist, snooty attitudes in LotRO, but why wouldn’t they be irritated when a big group of stinky, hairy humans goes trampling the ferns in Great River, cutting down trees, making a lot of noise, and killing all the animals so they can eat twice as much as they really need?

So the topic of this post is mindfulness. I’m guilty of mindlessness and callousness just like anyone, but serving bad sandwiches, dropping my new tablet on concrete, and sneak-raising my rates while cutting my services 90% isn’t acceptable. First world problems are hard on elves.

Mindfulness is defined as “the intentional, accepting and non-judgemental focus of one’s attention on the emotions, thoughts and sensations occurring in the present moment“, which can be trained by meditational practices derived from Buddhist anapanasati.

Mindfulness is an essential element of Buddhist practice, which means it’s super-important for cutting through illusions and being compassionate. It’s also super-important to be mindful of human impact on the environment, in terms of destruction and over-population.

I really need to meditate, but this week I’ve been lazy and resorted to programming my brain instead, using hypnosis. So I would recommend this wonderful hypnosis video if you want to be more like an elf.

And who doesn’t want to be more like an elf? That’s self-evident!

Kim Carmen Walsh sounds a ton like Galadriel (at least to my ‘merican ears – maybe someone should recruit her for voice over), which makes her hypnosis videos even more magical. In addition to the below self-help video, her video Hypnotherapy For Relaxation And Mindfulness also helped me a lot during my kidney stone suffering last summer.

So good luck, and may your ears turn pointy before you reach enlightenment.

Elf In Real Life ~ Epitaph

I haven’t played any games in a few weeks. Over the weekend, I managed to complete a new piece of art, one I’ve wanted to do for a long time. The image below is my Elf Rune-Keeper and Elf Warden from my two LotRO accounts. I might still be playing LotRO if I could transfer my level 85 Warden over to my main account. As it stands, I’ve uninstalled.

So, an epitaph. I tried to get across the impression of Lothlorien. I didn’t want to go crazy on this picture.

Otherwise, I’m back to the novels. I’m trying to finish my fourth novel, setting up to publish all four in the series at once. Basically, ISBN numbers are expensive, so you have to buy them and use them in a bundle. The last I checked, Apple won’t publish proper fiction in its “ecosystem” (not an Apple fan) without a proper ISBN number.

After that, back to the website and my video game project. The fall term is ending (with the kitty hissing and spitting at Dreamweaver), so I’ll have a bit more time on the weekends. Gosh, the snow effect falling on my WordPress blog looks beautiful on that picture. *sniff*

Lesbian Elves Elf LotRO Rune-Keeper Warden

Elf In Real Life: Advice From Galadriel

galadriel image
Last week I played Jedi Academy and a bit of LotRO. I continue to suffer chronic abdominal pain that appears aggravated by chair-sitting and stress.

So gaming has been curtailed, although I’ve spent more time mentally designing my own web-based game, which I might undertake when I’m feeling better.

I realized this week that the Faery faith is not very rewarding for humans. Faeries are chary, mischievous, and often of the dark variety.

Meanwhile, my inspirational shamanic vision recently was of a unity of life connected to a goddess entity.

While in pain, like the men and women of old, I seek solace, love, someone who cares about me. I can see how persuasive the Christian faith must have been in those days when compared to the alternatives.

I’ve never connected with the Lord and Lady of the old witch faith as caring individuals, rather closer to the Greek gods, representing primal forces of love, the hunt, and fertility.

Journey To See Galadriel

Yesterday a hypnotherapist sent me on a journey on an ancient leaf down a river into a cave. I saw elven script over the archway entrance, and inside I was instructed to meet an all-knowing source, which appeared pleasantly in my mind as Lady Galadriel, the Queen of the elves.

Galadriel counseled that the way to peace was through prayer to the gods and through love, specifically loving others. She pointed out my childhood trauma and suggested that I should love my mother.

Today I happened to visit an Orthodox Christian monastery, which was very interesting (all women must wear skirts and scarves, and cannot enter wearing pants). A few weeks ago a few random Christians arrived at my door to preach that God was working with a female entity.

So I’ve been exploring this concept of the Holy Ghost as female, which some sources claim was the original understanding of the Gnostics, for example. Galadriel further said I was not from this Earth, but neither did she make me feel like an elf.

Galadriel later gifted me with a cottage in her woods along the river, where I have a bed, a fireplace, and a library. I’m happy that she has befriended me, although she seems to want something in return, and I want to please her.

This is all an extension of a wonderful hypnosis experience that I’ve been repeating on Youtube. Kim Carmen Walsh is a hypnotherapist in Kent and offers a number of free videos worth looking at, including Hypnotherapy for Happiness And Contentment.

When in serious pain, I will pretty much try anything. It’s either that or break down crying. This hypnosis did work to put me to sleep once, and when I woke up the pain was mostly gone. The following night the pain was too much to become hypnotized, however.

Today I also bought a Sansevaria plant for my living room, and I’m looking forward to the new Game of Thrones episode tonight continuing Tyrion’s trial. Until next time–peace, love yourself and your neighbor, and blessed be.