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Forsaken Inn Of Unplayable Races #5

The new Forsaken Inn strip is in the sidebar. Enjoy! This is the archive post. Episode #5 is a little short. The next episode, the #6 story arc finale, will be long. After that, I’ll probably take a break on doing these. This will be a busy spring. For the previous episodes, go here:

See: Episode #1 and #2
See: Episode #3 and #4

Forsaken Inn Of Unplayable Races #1 and #2

This week I was playing Rift. I was incorrect in last week’s Weekly Wyrm about the Rift in-game vendor/trainer prices. For premium items you can pay either plat or store currency, not both. I paid seventy credits today instead of 100 plat for a new role (build) slot. I’m happy with that. REX prices are currently around 1 credit = 1 plat.

So that was a silly mistake and duly edited.

For more Rift F2P discussion, I enjoyed listening to Syp’s podcast today, Too Long Didn’t Listen, while I was working on my new comic strip. Syp and Dodge made an interesting conjecture while speaking about Rift–it’s a good financial idea to bring lots of gamers to your MMO and make them really happy instead of annoyed.

Otherwise, it has been an off week for gaming news, and a new episode of my and Yolari’s Forsaken Inn of Unplayable Races is now on the Kitty sidebar. (Woohoo.) My plan is to archive these two-by-two as blog posts, starting with this one.

It took a while for Yolari to finish this. These things take a lot of time–in this case several hours over three days to draw, ink, scan, paint, write, format, and upload.

The inspiration from this strip came from a discussion on a Massively article. Often the players calling other people out for “trolling” are themselves bigger trolls than the original troll. So we wanted to express that in visual form: a troll being trolled.

Click past the break to see both episodes #1 and #2. As always, thanks for visiting Kitty Kitty.

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