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Namibia Opens A Game Cash Shop

rhinoIt was reported today that a high level Hunter is paying $350,000 for a rare black rhino, or technically an expensive Namibian permit to hunt one. This is not a joke.

Corey Knowlton is paying $350k for the high-priced item because he’s a collector and a well-known Hunter, and he wants to experience taking down this rare beast. Knowlton is a celebrity figure for the Hunter class and a co-host of a hunting show on the The Outdoor Channel.

In defense against widespread community criticism, including alleged death threats against him and his children, Knowlton is arguing that high priced cash shop items are actually good, because they will help save the game.

Pun intended.

This was otherwise an unremarkable week. Breaking it down.

Elder Scrolls Online

There was another ESO beta last weekend. ESO hasn’t dropped its NDA yet.

Meanwhile, oodles of Howdy Doodies are giving their mixed opinions about ESO in every forum available. Someone named Dmitry (a name very close to that) was actually live-streaming the ESO beta in the Twitch.tv Skyrim category last Friday night.

I didn’t hear about this secondhand. I just wandered in looking for something to watch. It really happened. Don’t hurt me. I’m not a skeevy leaker.

Dmitry eventually disconnected under pressure from his own viewers, who had reported him. In response to this disappointment, less-scrupulous viewers chat-boxed “stupid reporters!”

More reading: What to do in ESO besides PvP


Biobreak is reporting a major Lore-Master pet nerf coming in patch 12.2. I suspected this was coming, which is partly why I blitzed Helm’s Deep with my Lore-Master. I’m a true die-hard “Keeper of Animals” liner, and this was a small win for the kitty.

Like Syp, I’m bringing my crafters up to speed with one session per week. Otherwise, I’m waiting for news about the surprise new feature related to classes.

This new feature could possibly change the class landscape for all players.


When was the last time you were at work, and all you could think about was “the game”? What new alt will you play? What crafting should you take? Should you really play the game all weekend and do nothing else? Tempting.

This is a wonderful feeling that I thought I had lost. The fact that the F2P experience mostly disappears with the subscription in SWTOR is a huge deal for me. If LotRO would only do this too, especially with the interface, I would take a much more benevolent view upon the MMO spawn of Saruman.

I can’t stop making alts in SWTOR! I have like five characters around level 10-15 now. This could be good, or very bad if I burn out and go nowhere. I don’t think that will happen, although I continue to be shocked at the glitches and problems with TOR. Last night all west coast servers died with no warning, as an example.

I’ll be doing SWTOR this weekend, with the goal of an official selection for a “main” character. So far, my Powertech and Snuggler are the main candidates. The new comic strip is also coming along.

Happy gaming, and HOT snuggles for all.