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Weekly Wyrm: Feb. 21, 2015

Last week I wound up Rift for a while. I have a raid-ready set of gear. I joined a large guild full of really nice people. I also successfully healed several expert dungeons as a Chloromancer for the guild group. They said I was really good!

Those were all of my goals. It’s time to focus on the novels. In recent weeks, I polished off ten years of work on my first two manuscripts. My second book is even better than the first, I think. I brought in more thoughtfulness and philosophy. It’s up to the readers to give the final verdict.

Now I’m trying to finish my third book so I can publish the trilogy all at once. I can’t publish only the first two because the second book throws such a tragic ending and cliff-hanger in the reader’s lap. It’s The Empire Strikes Back on crack.

The third book resolves the main romance arc (not the overall main story arc, which ends in my manuscript for book five, concerning vampires), and also addresses big questions in my head about love and desire.

Is it a good idea to hold love above all things? What sorts of love exist, and how can fictional characters be properly tortured by these sorts of love? Fiction writers are sadists at heart.

I shy away from too much horror. It’s a fantasy, after all. I don’t like books to be too depressing. We have real life for that. We also have old school, when things were more grim, when we had plagues, wars, and fires that destroyed entire sections of cities.

Actually, my books have a stereotypical world-ending plague, lots of fires, and the greatest war of all, the one between good and evil, so never mind.

On that topic, I’m also wanting to get back to the elven spiritual path. I want to read poetry and spend more time in the woods. I’m house sitting out near the mountains in a few weeks. I might have to take a few long walks.

The motivation to make this post was to try Tumblr’s new “EMBED” feature for HTML and Javascript. Surely this can’t possibly work on this free WordPress blog, but if it does, then the GIF files will show below. The question in this kitty’s head is: Why hasn’t anyone done a cats and dogs MMO? Would it be so much more boring than pirates and wizards? You heard it first here on Kitty Kitty.

(Ok, it looks like they give you a link if the script fails. So there you go. As if boys needed more encouragement to act like animals.)


Weekly Wyrm ~ The Case Of The Missing Muppet Bait

paladin kitty rift screenshotThis week I played the stock market again more than Rift.

Imagine a 24/7 live national cable channel dedicated to favorite MMORPG. The channel features panels of expert commentators and pro players chatting endlessly about the latest patch, the best ways to make money crafting, or the newest builds for PvP or raiding.

That’s CNBC. The stock market is the game, and I’ve watched the channel 5-6 hours a day this week. Yesterday Alibaba, China’s biggest company, made a slew of negative headlines, sending its stock and that of Yahoo (Alibaba’s biggest stakeholder) plummeting.

A commentator (Dan Nathan) today called Alibaba “muppet bait”, meaning a hot new investment vehicle that lures lots of less savvy investors and “dumb money” to buy it, while the professionals are selling.

This is a rather wild accusation in this kitty’s opinion, but maybe I’m bitter because I was one of those muppets. No, not so much.

I could go on for several more paragraphs on this, but the point is that Rift’s patch 3:1 “Storm At Sea” went live yesterday, and it’s got a little bit of everything – except muppet bait.

Sure, there are a few hardly-noticeable buttons on the minion panel for shuffling cards (unlike LotRO’s more aggressive UI store-festooning). There is also the Molten Thresher mount and a few new cool items for your personal housing: bank access and a raid combat dummy.

But overall, there is just a ton of good, free stuff, including a new challenging Chronicle that mirrors the T1 raid, complete with nail-biting boss battles – but in solo/duo mode. I can’t wait to jump in and play this.

Sometimes you feel like a muppet in a Free-To-Play MMO. Sometimes you don’t, and this is one of those times. I’m taking this as a good sign for the continued health of Rift on the downside of the Nightmare Tide financial cycle. I hope Elder Scrolls going F2P doesn’t hurt Rift.

This week I haven’t played quite so much, but I’m leveling my rogue alt a little bit, and I put together a cheap outfit using auction house items and some tangerine dye, which I crafted using my savant Apothecary skills. It’s an arcane paladin look, crossed with a tabby cat. Or maybe a tiger.

I also finally got an awesome dungeon drop: a purple healing trinket! This is the trinket that shoots beams of light to your party and raid to heal them while the combat is raging. I’ve always wanted to feel this special and healy, and now I do!

So thanks Trion for a great patch and for keeping it classy. Happy gaming, whatever you’re playing!

Rift Writing Woes – A Short English Grammar Lesson

rift text box imageWhy can’t MMOs hire people who can write properly. Every professional writer should know how to use the words lie and lay, or at least the game’s lead editor, for goddess’ sake.

I almost took screenshots of text glitches at Nightmare Tide launch, but I figured there was no point.

The emote text error in the picture at left has apparently been in the game since launch. The emote is wrong (should be /liedown, not /laydown). Nearly four years have passed, and no member of the Rift team has managed to fix this.

Ironically, my crassness and tactless lack of compassion for failure is one the main reasons I have a lousy job. Managers want to hire and promote nice, charismatic people, not cranky kitties.

If American culture were a game, the most important stats are Charisma and Bullshit Artistry. I lack both of those stats. Even my redeeming feature–an abiding interest in helping people–is a desire to educate, organize, and spread the often-missing truth, and only sometimes from a sense of charity and compassion.

So please know that “were a game” is proper grammar here. It’s called a contrary-to-fact subjunctive, yet most people will incorrectly write “was“.

Tonight, I calculated that I need to complete like 50 weekly quests in Rift to earn enough currency to buy like one piece of T1 gear from the store, or I can pay like $15. So I figure I might get a gear piece sometime next summer.

I’ve lost every possible roll in the last three weeks, including two sparkle tank gears, almost nothing from chests, and a loss of the BiS staff from Nightmare Iron Tomb. The sparkle quest gave me no DPS, so I truly feel I’m even further behind than before in both PvP and my chosen PvE role.

Here “further” is correct grammar because the distance is not physical, and the difference between the words “roll” and “role” could also be noted.

I haven’t participated this much in endgame since vanilla LotRO. I hope I’m not running out of steam, but I need to get thrown a nice bone at some point to keep going. I’m currently grinding my one allowed random dungeon charge each night, and also running Iron Tomb for another chance at the staff if it doesn’t come up on the random.

In the above sentence, I’ve used a vague pronoun reference with the pronoun “it“. So that’s exciting.

I don’t know how much longer I’ll be involved in the Rift endgame, especially with classes starting. This week I’m doing a final proofread on my second novel, so I’ll have the first two manuscripts of my trilogy ready to publish soon. The cover art is also two-thirds painted. I’m stuck on the lettering scheme.

Gosh, this is another half-cranky post, but I owe it all to Justin Olivetti and his at-swordpoint review of H1Z1 this morning. Angry Joe has lost his edge a bit lately, so Justin is my favorite MMO/game writer once again. Congrats to Justin for being slightly more awesome than Angry Joe, and also to Massively for boldly publishing real, honest journalism.

Weekly Wyrm: Rift Dungeons Deep

The game blogging trend for 2015 is the travelogue format, as Keen mentioned in a recent post. The kitty is going to try this style.

First, the news!

LotRO: Plans for 2015

This week LotRO put out its 2015 plans. These plans remind me of an old Sesame Street children’s story called Greedy Grimes, from 1972. Yes, this kitty is an old kitty.

As I remember the story, Greedy Grimes was a fisherman. He never threw anything back. He kept fishing up junk out of the sea and piling it all onto his bad ship Sloppy Slop. He piled fish, old tires, pianos, cars, and everything he could hook until his ship became a mountain of junk, and it sank.

If you’re an MMO gone to F2P, this might be your metaphor.

I agree with Justin Olivetti that the LotRO LI system failed in the beginning, but Turbine has never been willing to give it the heave ho. Adding onto it makes it worse, and this is the top item on the 2015 bucket list for LotRO–another opportunity for store monetization.

To be fair, players no longer have to toss their legendary items anymore. So the new plan is the result of that trade-off. The strategy of alt advancement instead of level advancement is also a good one.

Other 2015 LotRO goals include new instances, which should have been at the top of the list, and then developing server transfer tools to accommodate merges. LotRO had been teasing a new PVMP map for years, so this is unbelievable even for people who want a new PVMP map.

We’ll just have to see how LotRO goes. Turbine has a creditable history of keeping things going. I hope Trion moves forward with such a history. On to Rift.

Rift: Dungeon Delving

This week I successfully pugged five of the six Nightmare Tide expert dungeons. I scraped together a few upgrades over my “world gear”, but I have a lot more dungeon running to do. My hit score is up to 950 from 800. I can supposedly do raids at 1000, but my DPS is lagging more than my hit.

I have L65 Stormlock and Pyromancer DPS builds now, and I’m switching between them based on fight mechanics. The weekly sparkle quest for a random piece of T1 raid gear is going another week, so I’ve spent the most time, again, working for that.

In my first week of traveloguing, I made a rookie mistake, losing a lot of screenshots due to pressing the wrong key! Silly kitty. So I don’t have anything from the rare Draumheim zone event on Thursday, where over 300 high-level players showed up at one spot early in the morning, crippling the server.

Some complained they got no achievement. I got mine.

I also jumped into PvP, although I’m trying to get better gear first. The highlight was also on Thursday, where the Defiants shut down the opposing Guardian team, and I earned over 100 achievement points for ten minutes of focus-firing with DPS.

rift mmo screenshot

The cosmetic outfit of the week goes to this guy, who went the extra distance and transmogrified both of his weapons into fish.

rift mmo screenshot

This last screen is from a remote tower in the Dendrome (level 59-60 Storm Legion zone). I was hunting for artifacts. I spotted a rare monster spawn inside a tower. I killed him and went up the tower to find a ritual room at the top.

This image is iconic from Storm Legion, but I never knew who she was. Apparently it’s a mystery also to the cult priestess in the image, who begs the woman in the stained glass window to give her a divine clue or sign.

rift mmo screenshot

That’s all! Like I said, I was bad with the screenshots, so I have no dungeons. Maybe next time. Until then, happy gaming with whatever you’re playing!

Weekly Wyrm: Happy New Year: 2015

Even though daily visits are steadily decreasing, this was a good year for Kitty Kitty Boom Boom. Per the 2014 WordPress annual report:

Madison Square Garden can seat 20,000 people for a concert. This blog was viewed about 67,000 times in 2014. If it were a concert at Madison Square Garden, it would take about 3 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Thanks to everyone who visited and commented. Thanks also to a couple super-bloggers who are linking this blog. By far the most popular post is still Basic Newbie Guide To Playing Rift.

So it’s fitting that I finished the year playing Rift. After a hiccup transitioning from the Gaboro Reef zone into Draumheim, and then completely burning out on art and fiction writing over this last weekend, I pushed through this week and hit 65.

I’ve also capped some crafts, and I’ve cobbled together the hit score I need to start running expert dungeons. Nightmare Tide has turned into a great expansion. There is just so much to do, and so much quirky fun.

I thought Nightmare Tide would be like LotRO’s Mirkwood expansion: a smaller followup to their first grand expansion attempt. Except for the disjointed main story line (or lack thereof, preferring more episodic local narrative), Nightmare Tide is better.  It’s just in the next generation: robust housing, minions, grouping events, complex gearing, playstyle weeklies, faction dailies, instant adventures, chronicles, etc.

I hope this means great things for Rift’s future. I ponied up my share of funds in this last year, almost as much as I spent on my LotRO lifetime sub.  So Trion’s tricks and traps are working well for them.

Tonight I fiddled with my pirate-themed dimension, since my erstwhile minions are hauling in staircases and marble blocks and things. My favorite is my new Draumheim lamp! Here’s the lamp, along with a few other screenshots.

These screenshots are from my last 24 hours of playing, doing different activities. Long live Rift.

Rift Screenshots 2014

My old character selfie was from right after launch, so here’s an update for Leonore. This is in the crafting center of Choreburg, city of Draumheim.

rift mmo selfie leonore screenshot

This is a really cool outfit theme of a guy at a pickup Nightmare Rift raid tonight. His ranger beast companion is a raptor thing. This raid was on the landscape: just giddyup and join in. Rift’s outfits have steadily gotten quirkier and more diversified.

rift screenshot indian outfit

Artifact hunting sent me climbing mountains of coral in Goboro Reef, which is the most multi-leveled and challenging gathering location ever, but rewarding. I ended up on a spiny spire over the Atragarian Well.

rift screenshot mmo goboro reef

And my new lamp! It’s a beauty, but it doesn’t fit into my rustic Ethian huts. I s’pose I could build a palace in my spare time, among all of my other grand goals in life.

rift screenshot draumheim lamp dimension

I’ve spent the most time grinding zone invasions for sparkles, a Yule event quest that will award a T1 gear piece. As I mentioned in my last post, these events pull in multiple cross-shard pickup raids thanks to Rift’s at-will shard-hopping system. Here is a boss in Tarken Glacier. He’s a little overwhelmed.

rift mmo screenshot zone invasion

That’s all. Thanks for reading, and happy holidays.