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Elf In Real Life: Aleister Crowley

Aleister CrowleyThis week I created a new piece of art, which depicts a Woman in Red, who was called the Scarlet Woman by Aleister Crowley.

While researching the symbolism, I came across this picture of Aleister Crowley. His ears look very, very pointy! The word hobgoblin comes to mind.

So I’m reminded that not all elves are good, and elves are fey, and not all fey are good.

Nonetheless, I made a piece of art straight from my subconscious mind showing a red woman riding a great two-headed beast, holding the reins in her left hand, and an umbrella in her right.

And then the Woman In Red made the connection with Aleister Crowley in my head, so I started googling. I’ve read a lot of Crowley in the distant past. Magic can’t be babbled about too much without risking ruining the magic, which I will hope to avoid at this point.

I play a mage more often than an elf, truth be told.

I looked at Diablo 3 again this week, but didn’t buy. It’s sitting right there, reminding me daily thanks to the Battle.Net launcher and the power of the Blizzard “ecosystem.” I even sort of want to play WoW again.

This week I purchased the Naxxramas adventure pack for Hearthstone, and I really enjoyed it! I completed the $25 expansion in about 8 hours. This isn’t expensive if you account for the many hours of free play and dailies.

I only wish Hearthstone had more female heroes and viable themed decks. I’d like to play a pirate deck on my Rogue, but I don’t think it’s viable. So I won’t even try for the cards. You should mostly bring critters, mechs, and Doctor Boom now if you want to win. After Blackrock Mountain releases, we should see a lot more dragons.

Blizzard is surely still feeling their way through handling the card progression. Off to get some exercise and sunlight. Happy gaming, whatever you’re playing!