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Devilian: Placing Flowers On The Grave

Sunday night I hit level 50 in Devilian, and it seemed like a good place to quit. I really enjoyed this game. Whenever it was dull, new surprises, game modes, or pretty landscapes kept the interest level going.

The many dungeons were fun and well-tuned.

I chalked up Leonore on my Hall of Fame (characters) page. I went back to Hearthstone last night, still with a return to WoW on my mind. The action RPG genre isn’t a world I want to live in.

Hearthstone has a simpler, gentler enjoyment. There are no Brazilians calling me a stupid whore. There are no evil clown guild masters telling me to either get on Discord, or I’m kicked.

Devilian swept me into a beautiful dark world, and just as quickly to the cliff of looking down my elf nose at the human-kind, and just wanting to leave it all behind.

I’m sure Devilian’s social schemes work better in Asia.

So I don’t have too much to say, but I wanted to write a post-mortem. Syp also wrote a progress report today. I tried to friend Syp in-game (I think, unless someone took his name), but I couldn’t because the chat box drop-down bugged out.

The dropdown disappeared every time I tried to scroll down and click to add friend. The bugs really weren’t a killer. Everything is good and recommendable for what it is.

Like Syp, I really liked the floppy-ear pet that picks up loot for you. I could see myself wanting to pay for that service full time.

The most memorable bug was when I left the game running on the start screen for three or four hours, and the devil-girl’s breasts started heaving at some point with machine-like 10 x speed.

This was the nature of most bugs I saw – they only occurred after hours of playing.

I wish Trion the best of luck with success and profitability on Devilian. I’ve noticed a significant uptick of Rift guide traffic since Devilian launched, maybe showing that Trion’s ecosystem (Glyph) is also working well for them.

Down Deep Inside: A Novel Trilogy

Tonight is Samhain, or Halloween, when the veils between the Earth and the Underworld are said to be thin and penetrable by all manner of uncanny travelers.

This seems like the perfect time to quietly unleash my dark fantasy trilogy on the unsuspecting human public. It’s the middle of the night, and I have all sorts of concerns. This was an enormous amount of work.

The Amazon uploads will be processing for 12 hours, and the more restrictive Smashwords (publishing distributor) uploads will take at least a week for full vetting and human review, since Apple has the highest standards.

The links to the novels are available from my website hub, which also contains a cornucopia of lore, maps, and character summaries. I wish I had more images.

The novel titles and direct links for the trilogy (if the WordPress free hosting censor will let me post them) are as follows:

  1. Down Where The Blue Violet Beauties Bloom (138,000 words).
  2. Deep In The Wild Dire Columbine (134,000 words).
  3. Inside The Dark Heart Of The Garden (131,000 words).
  4. Secret Diary (pending publication, a supplementary additional book to the series, written in first person) (125,000 words).

While the publishing hamsters are percolating, I wanted to provide a forum for any informal feedback from readers. Please note that Smashwords offers free previews of my prose. Ten percent of these epic novels is three or four chapters.

So if you have any comments or questions about the novels, please leave them here.

My main concern is that the first chapters of my first novel are non-representative of the books as a whole. It’s like the Fellowship of the Ring, where you’re wanting the hobbits to leave the Shire and be on their way to Mordor.

Readers today have less patience, but my first book is my personal favorite. Give it a chance, or if you want a more saucy sample of where you’re going, have a sneak peek at book three.

The cover for book one is shown below. Here is a collection of tags for my novels, as a final Halloween offering to the cruel gods of SEO before I succumb to sleep. Good night, and blessed be.

angel, witchcraft, pagan, bdsm, bondage, heaven, lesbian, succubus, Aphrodite, vampire, magic, fantasy, underworld, swords and sorcery, devil, shifter, incubus, Lilith, werewolf, war, Dante’s Inferno

book cover down where the blue violet beauties bloom