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Tarot Card Training

tarot card training

RPG Project

At the start of August, I was finishing Tarot Training for my online RPG project. In Tarot Training, you can drill on card meanings, take a quiz to test your memorization, study the symbols of the Tarot, get a simple romance card reading, and get some advisement on further study. (This last could be improved, among other things.)

Since my previous blog post, I have also developed a French Club module. You try to learn some French, learn some clichés about why French is cool, and then you have a quiz contest against Chary, who is also a new French student.

Currently I am polishing and translating French Club. (The ending is also unfinished at the moment.) I am also reviewing and QA’ing Jeanie’s romance, Connor’s romance, Module A5: the Peacock Queen, and Tarot Training. That’s five modules in line for completion this year.

I was considering pushing hard to get a darker themed module planned and put together for Samhain in the month of October, but I am starting a new job, and I don’t think that’s going to happen. I would rather do a final, solid release of my current WIP.

I’m continuing to work on sound implementation. In modules with strong sound in certain sections, other sections seem eerily quiet. For example, after looking at Tarot Training, the French Club module silence is deafening.

So it’s a challenging balancing act. I definitely need more forest sounds and bird chirping in the Jeanie romance and Connor romance modules. It’s on the to-do list.

WoW Classic

I subbed for one month. I leveled to 40. My few family members and friends didn’t want to play. I was turned off by most social interactions that I experienced in that game. If you want to be in a guild, you have to participate in a Discord popularity contest with a legion of jobless kids, trumptards, and neckbeards.

This is a modern society where zero respect is the default. You earn respect by acting stupid and telling poop jokes.

LotRO Minas Morgul

The one exception to my bad experiences with guilds and discord is my guild in LotRO on Landroval. Unfortunately, the new LotRO expack looks a lot like a cash grab, selling a quest pack as an expansion. Instead of giving you things to achieve in the game, they add all the goodies for cash money upgrades.

I hate the motes and the shards and all the mini-currencies, partly because they are confusing, and partly because the grind is insane, and also simply pointless. I just went to the LotRO forums to take another look for some hope, and immediately I run into this:

Quote Originally Posted by Lady_Lethargy:
Thank you for clarifying! If you or anyone else can answer, how would I go about getting monster detection auras?

Levaqian Levaqian, The Lord of the Rings Online Team:
Currently, you can only get the Morgul and Normal (or “Null”) auras through the Minas Morgul Ultimate edition.

OK, so.

If I want cool stuff, I have to pay these people $129.99 like an idiot.

OK, so what story can I expect? Where is Minas Morgul exactly? Are we going back to Mordor? What NPC’s will I meet? I have no idea because the description of the game on the website doesn’t tell me anything that actually interests me. A bunch of quests, what else is new. Some useless extras. Some dungeons.

Guess what, the most recent big zone pack was amazing for solo play, but the batch of LotRO dungeons sucked. And were pointless to run, and didn’t drop any useful loot when I ran them. Go pay in the store instead? I think that has been increasingly the answer.

I won’t completely write off some LotRO this fall/winter, but the odds are pretty grim. I’d bet on the Trump stock market before LotRO, and that’s very, very bad.

U.S. Stocks

I reluctantly took profits near the top in Silver (SLV), scoring a 30%-ish gain on a full position. A month later, that appears to have been the correct play. I will watch, wait, and reload on silver when the time is right.

I am still watching Valero (VLO) for a re-buy, but it still can’t break out of the longterm downtrend line it is trapped under, which is why I dumped it recently at break even. I am also watching Nvidia (NVDA), which recently broke out of a nice downtrend and came back to the trend line perfectly, but then bounced very high on Thursday (4%), too quickly for me to get in.

That’s because NVDA is currently a darling hot stock. It’s the only high P/E growth stocks with a positive analyst report and expectations that I know of going into the fall earnings season. I’m also watching Twilio and Zillow to break out from their downtrends.

I added to my ETF (VGT) on the current dip this week because the indicators and sentiment were so abysmal, but the market ended the week going up instead of down. This is a confirmation of my feeling that the selling is simply exhausted after the market basically going nowhere for the last year. I can see the market making new highs from here, which seems completely crazy, but that’s my read.

A quick google confirms my feeling. “This week’s 21% reading on the Bull Bear spread is among the lowest of the last several years, and most of the time a very low reading like this will be a good marker of a price bottom, due to washout…So here we are in the scary month of October, just following the scary month of September, and investors are following the script pretty well by saying that they are scared. Right on time for a nice seasonal bottom.”

Larry Kudlow dropped a very fat hint a few days ago that some kind of surprise with China is coming soon, so I am still holding onto my small gains on full positions in Alibaba and Tencent.


In my last post, I wrote about obsession with learning to play an instrument. I gave up on that and decided to stick with painting, since that’s what I’m good at. So I bought a new set of oil paints and brushes, and I’ve been working on some oil paintings in the last month or two.