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Weekly Wyrm ~ Another Step For Gender Equality

only you can prevent DLC

Just a quickie run-down of this week, with a few topics involving bears and fires.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3: Finally A Femme!

I’ve never played Halo or Call of Duty, and I’ve stepped into Battlefield only briefly. I normally don’t enjoy male characters.

So when Activision announced that Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 would feature a female playable character and a gender-neutral story this week, I was super-excited! I haven’t played a military-style shooter since Mass Effect 2.

And according to the devs, the Black Ops female character is inspired by the female Commander Shepherd. Unfortunately the game’s pre-order poster is male-only.

So. They still have a few miles to go before they’ve made all the mistakes made by Bioware with Mass Effect, and corrected them. Yes, feminazis will complain about everything.

The comments section to the announcement article is good reading. I’m 100% for a male option in the next Tomb Raider. Why? I really feel the Lara Croft character in Tomb Raider 2013 suffered from the male gaze, or male devs not connecting with her in some way.

I’d really like to see a bi-gender Tomb Raider just to eliminate Lara’s character being skewed by the male gaze. She’s skewed, I tell you!

Game development studios seem to be an arms race for more more ginormous guns, more massive battles, and more outrageous monster robots. All I want is a good story, and surely story will continue to be more of a distinguishing feature in action and stealth genres.

It’s hard to believe that big game developers are still launching big games with stories that suck by all accounts.

A lot more reviewers these days are pounding the table for better stories, including Angry Joe. Joe really highlights the importance of story in his reviews, like with his long, entertaining, expert review this week on Mortal Kombat X. He keeps going back to the shortage of story.

Angry Joe also shows in this review that he’s a strong critic of greedy at-launch DLC. Today I was thinking of replacing my sidebar comic with an activist strip on DLC. Only you can stop DLC–a new graphic coming soon to the Kitty sidebar.

Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns

The news is trickling out about the GW2 expansion, and I’ve been watching some videos this week. As highlighted by MMORPG.com, the Chronomancer profession looks crazy cool.

My Guardian profession in GW2 feels a little squishy, so I was having second thoughts about it this week while gaining two or three levels. Supposedly the new elite specialization for guardian uses a longbow though, which makes me feel much better.

I switched to Guardian from Hunter for two reasons, despite the new Druid spec coming for Hunter. The PvE play for Hunter seems to be bear pet and the rapid-fire bow skill (or whatever it is). I’m not super-fond of either of those, especially the semi-automatic bow. They don’t fit my character.

I had the same issue in LotRO with “Sic’Em”, the capstone Lore-Master skill for my preferred trait line, Keeper of Animals. When you never use your most powerful capstone skill because it’s a little silly, then it becomes a little issue.

Weekend Sale

In other news, Vampire: Bloodlines, is on sale this weekend on Steam for 4.99. If you’ve never tried it, now is your chance. It’s a worth at least a few hours just to play with it, even if it’s outdated. Thanks for reading this far. Happy gaming.

You Ruins It: The Changing MMO Landscape

There is an unusually interesting thread over at MMORPG.com titled “Anyone else not excited for any MMO?“.

This has been an ongoing problem for me too. For example, the bit about “So I think even if there is some magical MMO that comes out and finally delivers the promise on what the early MMO genre was suggesting, I’m always going to be looking over my shoulder waiting for them to ruin it.”

There is a definite factor of growing distrust in the relationships between MMO fans and developers.

I am thinking about playing Elder Scrolls Online at launch, the first launch I will have played since Rift, FFXIV, and Champions. A big part of that is the subscription model, and a big flaw of that incentive is the fact that they can change the game later into something I don’t want.

The fact that it’s a console MMO is like unloading a second shotgun barrel on my pretty passel of hope balloons.

I’ve been wondering if we gamers can agree on a verbiage for pre-F2P and post-F2P game experiences. For example, “Vanilla WoW” can be used in a few different ways, but it normally means World of Warcraft level 1-50 before the first expansion. So what about pre-F2P and post-F2P?

Do we need to repurpose the meaning of “vanilla”, or talk about “the subscription game” as a separate experience, like an old neighborhood the way it was before they built the mega-mall on the corner?

I still wish LotRO offered a completely separate no-F2P-store-ever-anywhere-in-my-game subscription-only server.

Rift already seems a little bogged by the Rift Store focus. They were selling the Hellbug mounts while they were still the rage, and lately squirrel mounts have been the must-have furry friend. We’re hardly into the squirrel life cycle and now huge mech mounts are the cool thing, much to the consternation of the more conservative and modest members of Rift society.

I would like to join the distaste for mechs in a fantasy MMO, but the fact is that it’s a planes-based setting, so by definition almost anything goes. I still wish the designers could rein in a little and stick with steampunk/magitech instead of robots and laser rifles or whatever.

With that said, here is my Tumblr cosplay pic of the week, steampunk Lara Croft by Meagan Marie, courtesy of CosplayBlog.

Dual pistols were probably my favorite weapons in both Guild Wars 2 (rogue) and Champions Online. I love my dual pistols, but I might have been a cliché without even realizing.

Lara Croft cosplay image