Basic Guide To LotRO Dual Boxing, Multiboxing

Did Not LoadEditor’s Note: as of 2016, there is now an option on the launcher to run multiple game instances for multiboxing –  down arrow, options, general tab, click the checkbox “Allow multiple game instances” (updated July 1, 2016).

This guide describes how to dual-box or multibox in LotRO–to play two or more characters at the same time on one computer. LotRO also offers the opportunity to play your own party of four if you include two AI-controlled skirmish soldiers. Best of all, you have the ability to start a second F2P account and try out this playstyle for free.

The first thing to consider is your computer. Most newer computers should handle this. I get acceptable medium-setting performance on an old 32 bit Vista system with an Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 3800+ 2.00 GHz, 3 GB RAM, ATI Radeon 5770, and two internal hard drives, one for each copy of the game. (A separate physical drive for each copy of the game is advisable for good performance but not absolutely required.)

Setting Up Two Game Windows:

Since the original writing of this guide, the Turbine devs have apparently changed the game code so you can start two copies of the game at once with the same installation. This is great, because previously this was not considered possible. Try the above instructions to allow multiple game instances. Start two windowed copies of the game and log into your two separate accounts.

If that plan works for you, you can skip the old instructions (below) and go to the next section on using HotKeyNet. If opening two game windows with the same installation doesn’t work for you, or you want two drives, consider the following outdated steps.

1. Acquire two LotRO accounts. You can’t log in twice to the same account.

2. Log into one of them and set your preference to “Windowed Mode.” (Your game settings are stored in the My Documents folder for LotRO, so note that your settings will be common to both accounts on the same computer.)

3. Go to C:/Program Files/Turbine (Or wherever your lotro is installed. This is not the folder in My Documents. This is the folder with your actual program files.) Copy the “Lord Of The Rings Online” folder.

4. Paste the copy to a new location, such as your desktop. If you use a different physical drive of some kind, performance should be improved.

5. Rename the folder to something like “LotRO2”. Go into the folder and send a shortcut to your desktop for the Turbine Launcher.

6. If you are on Windows XP, you should now be able to open two separate launchers and log into two separate accounts at the same time. If you are on Vista, you must take the additional step of:

In your UserPreferences.ini file (which should be located in your Documents\The Lord Of The Rings Online folder) look for the section [Net] and look for the line:


Change it to:


Log in.

7. You should now be able to alt+tab between the two LotRO windows, place them on two screens, etc. There are various solutions for controlling your characters simultaneously. I started out using two displays and clicking back and forth on skills. Now I use HotKeyNet to transfer keyboard commands to the second character, mainly because it is currently freely distributed by its author.

Using HotKeyNet:

Read the Instructions and References for HotKeyNet. HKN is not automation software. You still have to press every key to use your skills. The HKN program is simply a router that sends your keypresses to the LotRO window that you designate in the loaded script.

For example, I use one set of keys for my main character and another set (the function keys) for the second character. Simply pressing the relevant key will switch focus to the correct window that is displaying the character assigned to that key.

Here is a starter HotKeyNet script. The second character uses Function keys F1-F12. Don’t forget to rename the first window to LotRO1 and the second window to LotRO2 using HotKeyNet’s action tool. These window labels tell HKN where to send your different keypresses.

This is just an example. A lot of more complicated setups are possible.

//================================================== =============
// Toggle the caps lock key to turn hotkeys off and on. (You
// can change this to scroll lock if you want, just like you can change
// everything else with HotkeyNet.)
//================================================== ==============

<KeyList HealerKeyList F1-F12>

<KeyList MainKeyList A-Z, Numpad1-Numpad9, 0-9, Enter, Oem4, Comma, Oem6, numlock, plus, minus,
except Tab, W, A, S, D, Q, E, L, I, O, Space>

<Label w1 Local SendWin “LotRO1”>
<Label w2 Local SendWin “LotRO2”>

<Hotkey CapsLockon HealerKeyList>
<SendLabel w2>
<Key %Trigger%>

<Hotkey CapsLockon MainKeyList>
<SendLabel w1>
<Key %Trigger%>

Coding Notes:

(Update 12/19/11) Please note that you may be able to substitute SendWinSF for the SendWin commands in the above script as per the comments below this post. I was not able have success trying this, and normally the LotRO windows require “focus” to receive commands and will not accept messages to a window in the background.

Here is a trick to keep the window focus of your second character in the background. I’ve altered the healer SendLabel command slightly to send F1-F12 first to the second window, then the first. The shift happens so quickly that the second window effectively remains in the background.  I will then not bind F1-F12 to anything at all for my DPS character, so the effect is only to keep the first window in focus.

<Hotkey CapsLockon HealerKeyList>
<SendLabel w2, w1>
<Key %Trigger%>

Using this same coding trick, you can also send commands to both windows at once. For my tank/healer PvE playstyle, I currently only use this for mounting and dismounting both characters using the decimal (numpad .) key. I do not PvMP, but I would not use this to dual box Hunters in PvMP because I disagree with it ethically, and I don’t want to call attention to abuse of dual boxing.

I haven’t seen multiple-sending in LotRO, but I’m sure it happens. It has a long tradition of being acceptable in other MMO’s like World Of Warcraft, but it’s also the best way I can think of to get this activity potentially banned. If you use multiple-sending for single keypresses, do it at your own risk, keep it to a minimum, and preferably use it for PvE convenience only.


<KeyList BothKeyList  Decimal>

<Hotkey CapsLockon BothKeyList>
<SendLabel w2, w1>
<Key %Trigger%>

Other Tips:

Staggering your two windows diagonally or side by side on the screen can be very helpful. I almost like this more than two monitors, but it’s a matter of personal preference. Make sure you’ve got skill forwarding set up in combat options if you want to do something other than heal with your second character.

To follow with your second character, it’s also very easy to right click your lead portrait in the second window and select follow if the vitals of your lead are visible and not hidden. You can also try a follow alias command as a hotkey, maybe with some sort of target key set up.

If you’re trying to bind keys but you’re not sure what key is what, notice the “last key press” function in the upper right corner of the Hotkeynet program window, which will tell you the key name. Press a key and see what name corresponds to that key, then use that in your code.

What classes:

If you think you might ever want to multi-box dungeons, you’ll want a tank and a healer class. For the healer, the Minstrel is preferred due to more effective inductions and passive buffs. A RK is difficult to heal with at high levels even if you aren’t boxing. On the other hand, the update 6 changes to RKs (writs usable at any attunement) make the RK very versatile for general usage. Try using a Buffbars plugin display on your tank to keep track of your heals over time.

Regardless of whether you attempt to box dungeons, the best features for a follower class are: ranged attacks (i.e. Minstrel, Hunter, LM, RK), passive buffs (Captain, Minstrel), healing (Minstrel, RK, KoA LM, Captain), inductions on skills (Minstrel, Hunter, LM), and pets (Captain, LM). Buffs and pets are good for the same reason long skill inductions are good–because any benefits you can get with little or no effort are desirable when boxing.

A Captain is interesting because the class can both tank and heal, although neither at a high level. This means a single Captain on your second account can serve as both a leader or a follower for your team depending on your needs, and can summon. A Hunter offers fast travel, a group speed buff, and high DPS for grinding.

A Warden appears difficult for your lead character because of the complexity of the class and the high number of keypresses, combined with the need for full attention on your combo building. A combination with a Minstrel or LM (which could supplement self-healing and give the added benefit of power restore) could still be very good. A Champ offers excellent DPS and some tanking ability, and performs great in skirmishes. Skirmishes will be fun instance entertainment for you as a dual-boxer.

A Final Word:

This has been a basic introduction to LotRO dual boxing. There are other ways to do this activity including shareware-type software and types of switching, as well as a lot of more complex and creative ways to use HotKeyNet.

Of course, you should engage in this activity at your own risk. This activity will also put significant extra stress on your computer, especially without two physical drives. There are also haters out there who might report you in game, for example, because they don’t know what you’re doing and aren’t as familiar with the political environment as people who have researched this and are doing it.

There may be GM’s on different pages as to what is acceptable as well. This is impossible to predict. As of the time of this writing, this activity is by all accounts acceptable and openly discussed and mentioned in the official forums.

Good luck with your LotRO dual boxing, and have fun!

Further Reading:

LotRO Adventures has posted a “guide” for using ISBoxer instead of HotKeyNet. I don’t see why you need to do that when you can do it simply and free, unless you are a power user and want mouse functionality or a larger party than 2-3 characters.


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16 responses to “Basic Guide To LotRO Dual Boxing, Multiboxing

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  • Robert Edwards

    So what you are saying is that you are using a third party (ie. Hotkeynet) to facilitate your multi boxing, in clear violation of LOTRO’s Code of Conduct and Terms of Service. Cool. Have fun cheating.

    • Lukas Blignaut

      You use Microsoft products (ie. Windows) in order to access and run your copy of the game. Therefore you also use third party software. And if you read the actual agreement, third party programs are not banned. They only do not support third party programs that are in violation of their many other rules. HKN has read these rules and assures it’s clients that they are in fact not in violation of any of them, and due to the clearly divisive emotions that surround multi-boxing, Turbine is constantly reviewing HKN and similar programs to ensure that they stay within the rules. So to be blunt, educate yourself before writing hateful, unwarranted attacks on random threads, and try multi-boxing before calling it “cheating.” You’ll find it’s much more difficult than the facerolling everyone makes it out to be.

  • Jacquotte

    Thanks for the note, Robert. Despite the unnecessary hostility, this is a valid observation. Here are the facts: HKN is not a macroing or a botting program. The distinguishing characteristic is that you still have to press every key for every skill. All HKN does is alt-tab for you to the correct game window when you press a given key.

    HKN is also used in WoW, wherein like past LotRO forum threads on the issue, no official guidance has been given on this specific usage. Unofficially, of course, Turbine wants people to play more and create more accounts, which I have done, contributing more money to LotRO’s coffers.

    I’ve also linked this post in my official forum signature for ages as an upstanding, eight-star contributing community member with a popular custom UI to my credit. Nothing has been said, and I’ve used this system quite a bit.

    If anyone using this system is banned or receives a warning from Turbine, or if an official representative from Turbine would like to clarify, please let me know so that I can report this with an appropriate caveat.

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  • TonyO

    Thank you for posting a great guide to boxing. I have been using HotKeyNet to play 6 LotRO accounts at one time on one computer.

    I recommend SendWinSF instead of SendWin. At least it works for me to send key strokes to my five background windows in LotRO. I have not found a way to make HotKeyNet send mouse clicks to a backgound LotRO though.

    • Jacquotte

      Thanks so much for taking the time to offer advice, Tony. I was not able to duplicate this, but I updated the guide to include the possibility of using SendWinSF to send commands to background windows.

  • Veldh

    a great guide. well done 🙂
    dual boxing is something ive wanted to do for a while now and ive had 2 accounts for simply ages but never been able to bring a character on from each no matter what ive tried. My
    i was pretty excited to hear about changes to enable this (or at least remove some of the obstacles) but, alas, still no joy 😛
    maybe its an april fools day kinda thing 🙂

  • gem

    I tried and tried this, to no avail. Then I remembered that I open as admin and tried just opening and it worked. Luck!

  • Cardinal Ximinez

    I’m one of the people who used to provide scripts and help with HotKeyNet for Lotro boxing in the past. Now that Freddie has stopped the support forums, I created a new program in a similar vein (not networked, only single computer though) that addressed some of the setup problems that HotKeyNet had determining the # of clients/characters running, if you wanted skill rotations different for each client for each keypress based on character class, etc. Wasn’t sure if you still multibox Lotro, but if you wanted to beta test it, I could email you a zip to try with instructions. It follows the same key setup as my original hkn scripts for the most part, with a couple small changes. Plus the ability to create xml files that have rotations based on character class – heal / attack mode. (thats so you can customize it to the toolbars you have created on your characters)

  • Jackyou

    Nice guide, I get so much bad tells from people in game, I 6 box and it is very hard to do so. I use isboxer, it cost like 50 a year but well worth it. Also I never had to chage any of the lotro coding to run all 6 at one time.

    • Jacquotte

      I’m tempted to do a third account sometimes, but it’s so much work to deal with the legendary items. If we keep representing boxers well as players, eventually public perception will change. Thanks for the note.

  • Tanya

    Hey there! I’ve been following your blog for a long time now and finally got the bravery to go ahead and give you a shout out from Houston Tx! Just wanted to tell you keep up the great job!

  • Jackie

    Due to endless spam, I am closing comments on this post.

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