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Elf In Real Life: Habitica RPG

‘Tis the season of elves, and I realize I’ve been a horrible elf in real life. I was reading an article this week that said more than half of Iceland residents believe in elves.

And I was like wow, that’s inspiring. Elfspo.

For now I’ve quit playing LotRO again, as well as the soulless card-collection trap that is Hearthstone. I’m playing word games, and I started studying Chinese on Duolingo, in addition to working tons of hours on my bilingual javascript RPG.

I started thinking about creating an RPG based on real life. I would have attribute scores. I would level up, and gain a bit of strength every time I work out with weights, and lose if I don’t work out for a while, or whatever.

I could convert my MMO hamster brain directly over to doing more productive real-life dailies and XP gains. Winning!

Then I realized surely this has already been done in this day and age of gamification. And it has. I immediately found the game HabitRPG, recently renamed Habitica.

So that looks like what I’ll be playing for the near future. I need to think of tasks and goals that are elven, like writing bits of poetry or learning an instrument or something.

I tried to log into LotRO last night, and I just can’t play that game. I’m that sick of it after leveling another character to 50 on the legendary server.

Video Game Companies And Stock Market Destruction

So, the U.S. market continues to crash thanks to Trump’s boundless bumbling or general evil masterminding. (It’s hard to say.) It seems like another White House advisor abandons ship every week. Today it was General Mattis.

Stocks are now negative for 2018. I feel like I’m at least break-even thanks to selling very large gains in Alibaba, Tencent, and NVidia early in the year. My re-buy in Tencent is now soaring, defying gravity since the Chinese government will apparently start approving new games for them again.

I mentioned I bought and then sold NVidia again recently, and it’s down 50% now for the year. That’s fine. I will lose 10% in that, and gain 100% in Tencent eventually. That’s how I’m doing things. Cut losses quick, and keep winners.

Unfortunately, when everything is losing, bleeding all over the place, selling everything is not an option. So I’m buying. I’ve gone from 40% invested to 56% invested so far on this dip.

I traded a loss in Albemarle for a position in Sociedad Química y Minera de Chile (SQM), which is a lot more diversified into fertilizer, and does things other than Lithium.

Google spun off this week a new company that is creating energy storage with salts, offering competition to lithium batteries. This appears to have hammered lithium producers like ALB and my SQM – the day after I freakin’ bought it.

Nice. I also should have been more wary of the high P/E in this environment, but SQM has been upgraded by numerous analysts in the last few months. So, we’ll see.

I keep looking at Sony for the last spot in my portfolio. I’d like to be a bit more exposed to games and entertainment than just Tencent and my cloud ETF. One could note that during a recession/downturn, people keep buying entertainment, or what they used to call ‘sin stocks’.

I added to J.P. Morgan (JPM). Oil is now crashing, along with oil stocks. I finally got the chance to re-buy my long-beloved Valero (VLO). If oil goes still lower, I am positioned to add to VLO. I like chemical producers for some reason.

For other gaming stocks. Activision Blizzard (ATVI) really looks like it’s forming a chart bottom. If I believed in Blizzard, I’d be a buyer.

Massively’s Bree Royce published an article yesterday noting that there was no Blizzard game in the top ten games in Revenue. (Activision and King are there though.) Tencent (Riot) is #1 PC with League, #2 Mobile (Honour of Kings), and there are five Tencent games in the top 10 F2P.

So. See above. I am a happy re-buyer of Tencent, and then added more earlier this week.

Personal Project

I have a new website. I need a lot more content. I have a vocabulary mini-game to activate. I want to write another mini-game for vocab. I am writing this blog post for a break from translating the Connor birdwatching romance module into Spanish.

I’m considering adding a Chinese soul pirate character, who will teach basic Chinese. The original point of Owl River was to create a self-study vehicle to work on my own advanced Spanish.

And then I originally figured why not use it as a vehicle for all of my studies in everything. I’d take notes on books I read, and put the notes in the Owl River library. It’s a repository for all of my thoughts, art, interests, and self-study, like a crystal palace inside the mind, but I’m projecting it virtually into a game explorable by anyone.

It will be interesting to see if I stick with Habitica. I love the basic daily use/task functionality. I’m not sure whether the little rewards and avatar are going to do much for me though, much less the grouping feature. We’ll see. Happy holidays, and happy gaming to all.


LotRO Legendary Server, Update 23.2, Hearthstone, Gaming Stocks, Etc.

Lotro, Legendary, and Upcoming Patch 23.2

This week I hit level 50 with my High Elf Captain on the LotRO legendary server, Anor. My alt champion is level 37.

The population has significantly decreased on Anor, faster than I expected. A week ago the server was almost constantly full at 1400+ players. Tonight there are only 600 – 700 non-anonymous players online through the evening.

I ran Urugarth last night. It was a faceroll. I’d heard the stories of EZ-mode endgame, but the reality was more disappointing than I expected.

Aside from some special legendary server quests and portrait frames, it’s almost the same as a normal server at this point, except with a -40% XP penalty, and people who are generally more happy to be playing.

In reality, Moria releases in 3+ months, so there is not much point in grinding endgame anyway except for deeds.

Patch notes for Update 23.2 hit the forums yesterday.

The Burglar and Beorning are getting some changes, but nothing on the list makes me want to run and play either of those classes.

I would assume that the release of the new raid will pull a significant number of capped players on Anor and Ithil back to their home server to play the raid.

I don’t really see anything that will pull me back though. I’m in a much more active kin, even though the Alliance on Landroval is a very nice kin. I’m running group instances many nights. That isn’t happening on Landroval.


Hearthstone has some big competition hitting the stage, with a lot of Twitch streamers playing MtG:Arena and a bit of Artifact.

The bottom line is that Blizzard should be pushing out the best and biggest ex-pack, along with a patch loaded with new features. Instead, they are releasing a limping, under-hyped meh-fest.

The Gurubashi Arena is located in Stranglethorn Vale. Stranglethorn has soul. Booty Bay has soul. Troll religion and culture have soul. This battle team arena theme aimed at 12-year-olds is the opposite of that.

When I look at all of the released cards, there isn’t a single card in this ex-pack that I am excited about, or want to get, or want to craft.

It looks like they are releasing more bad legendaries than normal just to fill in their standard number of class legendaries.

The Waterboy and a few other neutral cards are cute. I will probably regret ignoring the ex-pack later, which tends to happen. Or maybe not. Maybe this time will be different.

Gaming Stocks

I pushed a medium size position into NVidia and Tencent on this recent second dip in the U.S. market. As of today, I am up about 9% in both stocks after about a week.

The P/E ratio on NVidia went really low, basically. This was due to a concerning earnings report.

It’s quite possible the market will go even lower in the coming months. Who knows. I am still happy with my large position in the SKYY ETF, and added a bit more on this dip.

Cloud-related companies have notably announced great earnings, including Saleforce, Cisco, VMWare, and Workday (which is up 13% today, for example.) Unlike in the chip industry, there is little sign of a slowdown in cloud.

I took profits in Visa on fear of credit risks, which might be idiotic, but whatever. I sold Microsoft also because I already have a lot of cloud exposure through the ETF, and I don’t want the risk of regulation of the big tech companies (or splits in my portfolio.)

Trump is meeting with President Xi of China tomorrow (Saturday, 12/1/2018). The outcome of that clusterfuck will determine the fate of the stock markets on Monday.

Buckle up.

Also new this week, apparently the FTC will be investigating video game lockboxes. Like most people, I’m a little ambivalent.

It would be nice if they did something though to make things better for consumers and reduce the gambling and arm-twisting aspect when it comes to kids.

Something to get games back to being games instead of addictive pixel shopping malls, where you pay money in one shopping mall (Steam, Blizz app) to get access to an amusement park that contains another shopping mall inside the park, which then unlocks access to half the rides that you didn’t get by paying for entry in the first place.


I spent a lot of time over the holiday looking at new gaming PCs. I’m really not playing a lot of games, but my old PC feels slow running off a standard HD for boot drive.

I really wish everything was running faster and freezing less, especially for Photoshop CS6 and Chrome browser. I typically have a silly number of apps open, so I’d really like 16 GB memory as well as a main SSD.

I definitely need a new PC for Cyberpunk 2077 next year. Otherwise, I’m ambivalent towards most of the new games being released. I’m not buying any game that aims to cut costs by eliminating a single-player storyline, leaving only repetitive progression/grind/leaderboard PvP entertainment.

Amazon had some amazing deals for Black Friday. Basically none of the pre-built machines are exactly what I want though, and the custom built configurators end up being a little too expensive.

A lot of the lower end PC’s have 3.2 GHz CPU’s. I know I want 3.6 GHz. I know I want better than a GTX 1060, but NVidia Turing chips don’t really seem necessary, on the high end.

Also, aren’t NVidia cards far too expensive? Will they come down in price? Shouldn’t the massive decline/bust in bitcoin and mining in recent months have caused a supply glut and pushed down prices? More competition from AMD?

I guess I just need to keep shopping.

As a final note, graphics on this site will break soon because I am discontinuing my hosting with GoDaddy. This is temporary, as in lasting months because I really don’t care that much. I will get hosting on a newer, better, easier-to-use cloud platform at some point, I hope.

I will also have a proper domain for my video game project. I am still working on the Connor romance. It might be my best-written story yet.

Happy holidays, and happy gaming with your new games!

LotRO U23, Gaming Stocks, Dev Project, Etc.

LotRO Update 23:

Surely the best, most ambitious quest pack update in LotRO’s history. Incredible. What are they feeding to these devs. Lots of system issues and bugs still, though. And the endgame is a pretty steep grind, after you figure out all of the currencies and dailies, and how they work.

LotRO Legendary Server:

A new server is opening Nov. 8th, per the most recent tweet. Everyone starts at level one. The LotRO devs are making things happen. There are pros and cons, which have been thoroughly discussed. I’m concerned about my kinship bleeding to the new server.

I’ll roll up a new toon and claim a character name. Whether I play the character is another story. I have better things to do than play LotRO in all of my spare time.


I casually ranked to 11 this month with Even Lock and Odd Rogue, and a bit of Cubelock. I played some Asmo Priest in casual. My main goal is just to keep up with quests and stay F2P. The announcement of the next expansion should be this Friday afternoon at Blizzcon.

I’ll be watching the big tournament at Blizzcon also for sure.

The Mid-Term Election:

If you’re a Trump supporter, and you’re voting Republican in this midterm election in the U.S., you are:

A supporter of hate and less rights for LGBT.

A supporter of persecution and less rights for trans people specifically, and now possibly legislating away their legal identity in society.

A supporter of taking away women’s rights to choose.

A supporter of reducing public lands, which belong to all Americans, and opening them to exploitation by corporations.

A supporter of reducing controls and oversight of pollution and pesticides.

A supporter of sexism, pussy grabbing, and white supremacy.

A supporter of racism, naming calling, and defamation of Hispanics.

A supporter of the U.S. president telling over 5000 false or misleading claims in his first 2 years of office.

A supporter of the U.S. president turning this week’s domestic terrorism pipe bomb incident into a plea for Republicans to get out and vote.

A supporter of huge tax cuts for the super rich, which have caused the U.S. deficit and debt to soar.

A supporter of the China tariffs, which is a tax on all people, which is then used to cut taxes for the super rich.

A supporter of rampant corruption and Russian attempts to undermine democracy and the free world.

A supporter of all of these now-indicted criminals that are/were Trump’s friends, lawyers, and co-workers.

A supporter of Trump repeatedly calling the free press “the enemy of the people,” leading to violent attacks and many death threats towards journalists, who are trying to fight all of this. (And thereby they are the enemy.)

A supporter of Trump and company leading chants to put his political opponents in prison.

A supporter of a complete circus of fear politics. The hispanic migrants, who are 1000 miles away, are going to invade! This is a national emergency! Well, thousands of migrants show up at the border every year. It’s actually a normal situation being turned into fear politics.

It’s all fun and games until the murders begin, and an American journalist for WaPo (Trump’s nemesis) was murdered last week.

This could be a much longer list. The point is, if you support Trump or vote Republican, you are one of his complete idiots and under-educated sheep who embraces lies and corruption in exchange for the promise of holding power.

Just GTFO out of my blog. Get lost. Get educated. This situation is not a joke.

General Stocks:

U.S. stock market crashed last week. This is the inevitable result of Trump being president. I was selling earlier this year, down to 28% invested, 72% cash. In the past week, on this crash, I went up to about 50/50. If market tanks again this week, I’ll be shaken out back down to 33%.

I added Microsoft before they announced great results, sending the stock up 5% overnight. I added a small speculative position in Blizzard, because it’s so oversold, and I don’t want to miss it. It seems like Blizzcon should give Blizzard a bounce, but in past years it really hasn’t? So it’s a straight-up gamble.

I added a bit more to the SKYY (cloud) ETF. I added some J.P.Morgan Chase and some Albemarle for a rounded, more defensive portfolio.

Video Game Stocks:

I had to sell the NVidia that I bought before my last post.

Video game companies have been hit very hard. Blizzard dropped 7% in one day after suggesting sales for COD 4 weren’t actually that great. Sony has also pulled back very hard. This might be due to the Chinese war on video games? Or is it just pulling back with the broad Japanese market, which would make it a buy?

AMD has crashed, mainly due to disappointing earnings. NVidia crashed in sympathy. AMD has a very strong incorporation in the next gen consoles for both Microsoft and Sony. That’s a boost to AMD that will come as we approach 2020.

If AMD is left for dead in the coming months, I might be a speculative buyer. It’s hard to buy video game companies until the China trade war and also war on video games are less of an issue, however.

Personal Game Project:

I’ve finally finished and playtested my first “dating” module, where you can go on an elfy eco-date with your friend Jeanie. I still need to translate it into Spanish.

While on your quest with Jeanie, a side quest is to learn about at least 6 plant species (one of which is the top graphic.) Jeanie is into botany, so your interest in plants will make her happy. An interest in shrooms might make her happy too.

Yes, I know fungi are actually not plants. I have a biology degree.

I’m working now on revamping and rewriting that module into another dating module with Connor. This will be an interesting journey into bisexuality. I’ll need to dig deep into my personal history.

The romance is just kissing and implication, similar to Baldur’s Gate. I have no plans for nudity, at least not of romanceable students. Elven professors don’t mix with the students, at least officially.

A goblin professor of the dark arts might mix, but she hasn’t entered the story yet.

For now, I’ve incorporated functionality for retro black-screen with text in the middle, game-mastering the passage of romantic time, like in Baldur’s Gate.

You have to do a lot of things right to even get a kiss on the first date though. The next date with both characters will probably be drinking in a tavern.


My Dinner With Herve. This is a touching new movie out on HBO. I enjoyed it. Peter Dinklage. What else do you need.

I’m sad that Orange Is The New Black is being canceled by Netflix. Maybe they canceled it because Jenji Kohan went super gay in Season 7, and pissed off the execs? Let’s hope so!

Corona. I started drinking beer this week to help with my stress. This blog post has been brought to you by Corona Extra, the beer of bilingual blogging champions. I’ll see you soon on the LotRO Legendary server, I hope.

Oh, and screw Justin Olivetti for removing the KKBB link on his blog. Likewise. Game over for Olivetti. Grade A is now a grade Z. Byeee.

LotRO Update 23; Desperate For Blood, Will Settle For Cyberpunk

Another bi-monthly post. The LotRO devs are working towards releasing LotrO Update 23 soon, which will take us to the Iron Hills and Grey Mountains. I’m kind of psyched.

The level cap will increase to 120. There will be new resource instances to plunder, a new crafting tier, and various balancing changes. I’m not a huge dwarf fan, but new dungeons using dwarf tile sets (i.e. Moria-like) might be nice.

In the past few months, I’ve mostly just done LotRO and Hearthstone dailies. I’ve played a lot of Fallout 4. I might be finished with Hearthstone. It’s a been-there done-that situation, and Blizz is just milking the mobile game cash cow at this point.

Last night I was searching desperately for a vampire game! It’s hard to believe the best vampire game, action, RPG, or otherwise, is 14 years old now. (Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines). The game has such high ratings. Why can’t anyone make another one?

I found a cool mod for Fallout 4 that lets you play as a vampire (Atomguard), but I feel like I’d have to start my game completely over with an evil character.

I don’t know. I’d probably rather go back and play Saint’s Row The Third more with the Bloodsucker Pack. So I’m re-installing that right now with Steam. We’ll see.

Upcoming Call of Cthulhu looks interesting, but you’re forced to play a bearded old male protagonist, just like Red Dead Redemption 2. Evidently allowing people to play the character they want isn’t important.

It’s frustrating that certain game companies, like Take Two, would rather force you to play their pre-set character than go to the extra effort allowing you to be who you want to be.

I still need to play Far Cry 5, but I’m waiting for a sale. I’m mostly looking forward to Cyberpunk 2077. We saw a spectacular teaser video for Cyberpunk 2077 at E3, and some very positive word of mouth coming out of Gamescom last week.

Edit- Also, today a 48-minute gameplay video for Cyberpunk 2077 was released. Still no release date for the game, though.

Stocks and Market

Looking back at my last post 2 months ago, I’m not holding any of those stocks anymore. I took profits in GAMR ETF, and sold JD, LH, and TAN for either small gains or small losses, while the market bounced up and down. was a pick in my last post, but it was a disaster due to the Trump trade war. Everything China is down pretty big now. I also picked Sony (SNE) in my last post in June, and that was a good pick. It’s up about 10% since then.

Tencent stock was slaughtered last week partly due to China problems, and partly because the Chinese government is holding up their new game approvals, including Fortnite. So they can’t publish any new games right now, for no apparent reason. This is crazy.

I took profits in Tencent (TCEHY – OTC) a few months ago, thankfully. The stock has developed a very well-established bearish trend line since then. If the stock breaks from that line, I might be a re-buyer. Until then there is no point in taking the risk.

edit 8/30/2018 – actually, China appears to be declaring war on video games. Netease and Tencent, and Japanese companies are getting crushed today. This casts a long-term cloud of uncertainty over all companies doing game business in China.

Activision Blizzard and Electronic Arts are seeing some strong bids right now, as in, yesterday. And probably Monday. I predicted a weaker year for video games and stocks. That has mostly come true in the earnings reports. Blizzard’s stock dropped after earnings on August 3, and they gave a mixed to weak outlook.

The stock charts of EA and ATVI are setting up very nicely right now though. If you’ve been wanting to get in, Monday could be a decent buy on these two stocks. If you look at the GAMR ETF, however, representing the gaming industry as a whole, the chart is making a “lower low”. The chart isn’t quite as good, and might be bearish.

My only video game holding right now is NVidia. After taking profits earlier this year, I bought in again after the stock sold off on earnings last week. I am up 8% already.

I am also buying the cloud ETF (SKYY), which has been a free ETF on TD Ameritrade all summer. The chart for it is beautiful. Cloud companies have reported generally very strong results in the past month. Cloud is kind of old news now, but SKYY is still significantly outperforming the S&P index.

Video games are increasingly going to be cloud-based, Barron’s reports. “There’s going to be more change in videogames in the next five years than there has been in the past generation,” predicts EA’s chief technology officer, Ken Moss.

My Kitty stock pick for this post was going to be Arista Networks (ANET), based on a breakout from several months of consolidation, and some news/research reasons. I purchased Arista a few days ago, then doubled down at market open yesterday, and in two days it’s already up about 10%.

So it’s too late to tell you to have a look at it.

It was partly the chart, and partly lucky timing. They announced ANET will be added to the S&P index on ~August 28, which means a bunch of S&P index ETFs will need to buy the stock. A 8-10% price boost from that news seems typical. I knew that from experience, so doubling my initial position immediately after the news, when the stock was up only 4%, was a play I made, and it paid off.

In other news, J.P. Morgan Chase is offering a new trading app with like 100 free trades a year. If you are with Chase bank you might want to check this out.

Personal, Game Project

This summer I completed a small number of in-game library books (in addition to the Botany book I mentioned in my last post.) These include a poetry book, a book on T.S. Eliot’s Wasteland, a book on the great courts of the Underworld, and a book about crystal magic.

I think I’ve solved my game save code bug, so you should be able to go check out my game and WIP at Click on in, and from your room you can visit the library. Or go on an adventure! I would welcome any feedback.

I’m working on random encounters right now for the Haunted Library. So the start of the library is unfinished. And the outfits are all unlocked, but the “exotic” outfits are not finished. I need to do that also.

The game is obviously a bilingual reading game, but you can control the language options if you only want to play in English. I spent the entire last week translating adventure module A2 into Spanish.

I want the game to be like a Tunnels and Trolls module, a Choose Your Adventure with some gear, limited combat, and saving throws, with companions and a small party.

And I want a lot of Scooby Doo influence, but for a more mature modern world that isn’t so afraid of demons and boobs. Oh wait, it’s 2018 and boobs are still illegal.

That’s about all for now. Happy gaming, and I’ll hope to see you in the lands of the dwarves soon in LotRO.

Just An Update, Usual Topics: Stocks, Game Project, Elves

Two months since my last post. Yikes. This week I let my second account sub expire from LotRO. I’m just not motivated to grind more pointless endgame gear.

Elder Scrolls Online is releasing its High Elf update this week, following its Morrowind update. I almost re-installed just for the elf experiences, but I talked myself down from the ledge. Every time I re-install ESO, I find the interface, navigation, and character system to be so frustrating.

Ironically, un-playability is much more immersion breaking than a more complicated, usable interface. So I re-installed Fallout 4, which is more suitable for Bethesda’s design imperatives, and I’m playing that a bit.

Last night I reached rank 15 in Hearthstone playing Even Warlock, after giving up on Odd Rogue. That’s about all for gaming.

Stocks And Market

The U.S. stock market is not dead yet. I lost some money hedging against a collapse in the last month, but I’ve felt forced to push back into the market in the last few weeks with the profits I previously took in Tencent and NVidia.

Tencent is in the news right now for its ownership of Fortnite. It’s funny that Fortnite is sort of a name drop now by pro analysts on CNBC, so they can sound like they know what they are talking about. I LOL at these people, honestly.

So I basically traded my relatively risky amount of pure Tencent OTC pink sheets stock for more GAMR ETF, and a solid position in the EMQQ ETF (Emerging Markets Tech). Tencent is in both of those. EMQQ also has concentrated exposure to companies like NetEase,, Baidu, and Yandex, which I would like to own but don’t merit positions of their own. So. (JD) is my Kitty watch of the week. I may buy into this on a trade in the next few days. It’s on the verge of breaking out of a big downtrend, and CNBC today reported a lot of option calls being bought. Albemarle (ALB) is also in a big, possibly buyable pullback for various reasons.

The risk is that there is a lot of China problems around the big T. I mean, President Trumpetface. So you could easily buy big on a JD price breakout, and then get slammed the next day because of a tweet.

I also picked up the TAN (solar) ETF, on the day that California announced all new houses have to have solar panels. I also bought a half position in LH (Labcorp), which is U.S. based healthcare lab service, not very ‘Amazonable’, and not very exposed to the strengthening dollar. LH was a great pick so far.

Lastly I pushed a modest half position into Visa, because I’ve finally concluded that Americans just aren’t giving up their credit cards anytime soon, despite Apple Pay, Google Pay, and various challengers.

I still think crypto currencies per se, in themselves as they exist now, are fool’s vapor to invest in, and I can’t believe the genre has like three ETFs dedicated to it.

Visa is the first to go if I feel forced to trim positions, however. There is a lot of financial risk in the system, and Visa has run very big, as noted by analysts this week.

Sony is taking massive stock price hits recently, most recently noting their PS4 hardware is in decline, and their next Playstation version is at least 3 years away. Still, it could be a buying opportunity.

In my last post, I noted accolades from Jim Cramer about Activision Blizzard. This week I learned Cramer has sold his ATVI (like I did also). But now he admits he may have sold too soon, when asked about the upcoming Black Ops 4 offering a Fortnite-like game mode.

As a final note, if you look at a 5 or 10 year chart of the U.S. stock market, it still looks scarily ‘toppy’ even after a 4-month pullback and consolidation. Recession risks are increasing. Europe and Asia had some weak data come out in the last couple weeks.

It isn’t a situation to be aggressive. It seems prudent to stay patient until some crap really hits the fan. I am still over 50% in cash.

Personal Game Project

This is an enormous amount of work. I’m currently writing an illustrated short book on botany. For the school library. In my game.

So I’m re-learning a lot of botany that I learned in college with my Biology degree.

Like in Elder Scrolls, reading the book gives you a permanent stat bonus. In this case, to your Scholar profession. Unlike in Elder Scrolls, you have to actually read the book. And answer thoughtful challenge questions correctly.

So I’m working my full time job, and I’m writing like 2 pages of this botany book per day during the last week. At this rate, developing my game is going to be a fine retirement activity for me in a few decades.

Still, I really enjoy the writing of non-fiction, learning things, and illustrating. My game is about learning to be an elf (probably a bit more so than learning witchcraft/wizardry), so I need to learn botany. This has been my #1 preoccupation in the past few weeks, other than moving into a new apartment.

I want the entire game lore – world and characters in it – to basically be in the school library. So when I need to look up something, like a geographical location or major NPC, I’m going to the library just like a player.

Also the library is haunted. And you won’t be alone. There will be a library fairy, or someone else there. I tend to be a lonely person, so I can feel what I need in the game in terms of companionship, and making the NPCs seem alive. I’m basically making the game I want to play.

That’s about it for now. I noticed Justin Olivetti is up to his old elf-hating ways. On your knees and scrub for those elves, Justin! Scrub it!

Kudos to Justin though for writing a fantasy novel. Wow. I try to squeeze a lot of creative and gaming energy into life compared to most people, but I live alone with no pets, no kids, nothing. I don’t know how he finds the time for everything he has going on.

So E3 is coming very soon, starting June 12. Will we see some amazing new releases? I hope so.