Forsaken Inn Of Unplayable Races #3 and #4

A new strip is finally in the sidebar! The drawing for this installment of Forsaken Inn #3 languished in a pile of others for maybe–I don’t know–three months? I’ve had some time off work this week, and the strip is finally inked, scanned, painted, and complete.

I’ve played a lot of Rift this week, taking advantage of the special event +20% XP bonus. I now have all Rift classes above level 50, the same as in LotRO. A new Rift patch is coming soon. I’m very interested in Daglar’s “state of the game address.”

I’ve backed off of my idea to sneak back and play the LotRO expansion. I was taking industrial-strength painkillers when I wrote that. I think.

Painkillers. Max Payne painkillers. Maxie Payne, another on the list of mythical female protagonists I’d like to play. Maxie would surely strip. Here is the strip.


Forsaken Inn Comic #3
Forsaken Inn Comic #34

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