Electronic Arts CEO: “Life Is Better With Video Games”

This afternoon, CNBC interviewed the CEO of Electronic Arts (Andrew Wilson) live from E3. The interview ranged from the new Star Wars: Battlefront game to virtual reality games, which Wilson thinks are years off. Wilson’s punch line for the interview was the following:

“When you play more games, your life gets better and better.”

That just sounds weird to me, not to mention wrong, unless you interpret “better” to mean less sex due more divorces and less dating, which means less babies, which means the world is saved, or at least ecological Armageddon is forestalled a little longer.

To me, it honestly sounded like a slogan for a happy pill. It sounded like someone was pushing addictive happy pills and knew it. That was my reaction to the interview.

Electronic Arts was pushing the new Star Wars: Battlefront game at E3. The clips during the interview looked really good, like an old-school Star Wars: Jedi Knight game brought into the year 2015.

For everyone who ever wished Star Wars: The Old Republic looked better graphically, which is pretty much everyone, we should be looking forward to this game. This is surely the best snow landscape I’ve ever seen.

My only criticism of the Star Wars preview videos is that the ancient, used-a-million-times Star Wars sound effects and music sound a little stale. I hope Disney’s movie productions will come up with something new.

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3 responses to “Electronic Arts CEO: “Life Is Better With Video Games”

  • Sylow

    “That just sounds weird to me, not to mention wrong, unless you interpret “better” to mean less sex due more divorces and less dating, which means less babies, which means the world is saved, or at least ecological Armageddon is forestalled a little longer.”

    Wow. Quite a statement for somebody running a gaming blog. If you claim to have experienced that, i would rather advise to consider if gaming is for you.

    For me personally, i got myself a gamer girl and we get along perfectly well. I wouldn’t worry about any of the negatives you describe and i also think the wife of a friend of mine also found some truth, when people ask her about him being a gamer, she just says that she rather has him upstairs at the computer than out at a pub. (Gaming is cheaper, he won’t be drunk and do nonsense, etc… )

    That being said, i also don’t say that gaming is “all happy and fine”. Gaming can turn into an addiction and can ruin a lot for you. So indeed if you interpret the statement as “always more time into games”, it can turn into a really bad thing, but i didn’t see relationships but university careers break due to that.

    • Silverangel

      I’m neutral on the issue. I’m not as passionate as you’re assuming about video games. I fell into writing this blog because I wanted a platform to put some guides out to help people, and I like writing. My guides have maybe around 100,000 views at this point here. I’d just as soon be writing about something else, but I don’t know enough about anything else except the craft of fiction writing.

      Yes, I’ve seen video game divorces, and I’m guessing you’re a lot younger than I am. I’m also guessing you’re subconsciously a little defensive. Thanks for commenting. 🙂

      • Sylow

        Sorry for the delay of the answer, i didn’t browse by for a while.

        Anyway, i find it interesting how much you guess about me. If my subconscious is a little defensive, i don’t know. I wouldn’t have noticed so, but evaluating the own subconscious in a neutral way is impossible.

        On me being much younger, i again could not tell. From your profile here, your gaming “career” is noticeably shorter than mine. So i couldn’t pin down your age, but my age still starts with a 4. (And if my calculation is right, this years christmas will be 30 years of computer ownership and computer games for me. )

        All in all, i think the real difference between our points of view might rather be personal experience. I have experienced breakups and divorces among my friends. Top reasons for that were “not talking”, alcohol, spending the nights in pubs, lovers and betrayal and even spending too much time at rock festivals. (Seriously!)

        Even more curious: the “not talking” and “having developed in different ways” only happened among the non-gamer friends of mine (in more than one case connected to alcohol), while the top reason for breakup among my gaming friends actually involved sex. (And too many persons for a traditional relationship. ) In contrast to my knowledge not once the reason for relationship problems was “too much gaming”.

        So yes, games are dangerous. Excessive time investment, which they encourage you to do, can seriously mess up your university career or even (if you play all night and sleep at work, saw that happen more than once) threaten your job. If the gamer on the other hand is a notorious basement-dwelling single, i would not blame the game but rather look at the person.

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