Elf In Real Life: Checking Out Of Reality

Why can’t humans handle reality? We spend so much time preferring fantasy worlds, whether they are in books, movies, or games. We hate our physical bodies. We hate our jobs, our neighbors, or whatever.

And we have electric light, hot water, oxycodone, endless varieties of limitless food, and contraception. We practically live in paradise, and we are still unsatisfied. How did humans even cope a few hundred years ago? How do people cope in less developed countries?

Some landscape guys came and trimmed the big, beautiful tree outside. They cut off several branches and scarred the trunk with their climbing spikes. Every time I go outside my door, it’s like walking past my friend who was amputated.

I have a four-day vacation starting today. Almost no one is buying my books (although I haven’t pulled any marketing levers yet), and I’m depressed and exhausted. I need to quest for some chocolate and drink a relaxation potion.

What game should I play? I’ve never done a poll before, so I hope it goes. Oops, that should be Ranger not Hunter.

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7 responses to “Elf In Real Life: Checking Out Of Reality

  • Frank

    It’s the one thing authors aren’t prepared for. We pour our souls into a creative work and send it out into the world. Suddenly it’s a finished work, and though there are threads we want to pull at we can’t make them cohere in a useful way. Meanwhile, no one buys, no one reviews. This thing of awkward beauty that deserves to be shared and admired. (Especially given the tradh that flies off the shelves in the newsagents and supermarkets – but we try not to be bitter.) Is it any surprise that we swing from creative tension to postnatal depression?

    • Silverangel

      That’s exactly it, Frank: postnatal depression. And seeing writer friends selling well on Amazon with trashy romance. The bottom line is that I can’t have any expectations with a primary lesbian romance. I have to write and paint my thing. If only a few people enjoy it, that’s fine. As a Buddhist thinker, my goal is supposed to be living penniless in a cave in my old age, anyway. Thanks so much for the note. I hope to have more time during the holidays, so I should also pick up your book and have a look.

  • Helena Khan

    I like the look of the druid, so that alone would tempt me towards GW2

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